Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thirteen years of one amazing boy: the video

This is the montage I put together for Max's bar mitzvah. It's basically been my life's work for the past month (hello, thirteen years of not-very-organized photos and videos), and it was more than worth it. The entire time Max watched it, I watched his face and he was so excited to see himself growing up. Of note: Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds"—as in "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing's gonna be alright"—is Max's favorite song. He and Dave sing it all the time.


  1. Such a great video and tribute to your little boy! Congrats on such a fun and big milestone for him!


  2. Just wonderful, thanks for sharing xx

  3. What a wonderful video. It made me teary as I watched Max do all these great things! I may never meet you or him in person but I love following your story! :)

  4. He is the happiest child...what a joy to see his smiling face in all of your photos. A real blessing!

  5. Max's Bar Mitzvah could not have been more perfect! The service was meaningful and special and Max was beaming with happiness and pride in himself on the bima (stage). He showed great poise, a sense of humor, and a clear appreciation for the magnitude of this inportant milestone in his life. He exuded joy at the party and clearly enjoyed being in the spotlight. The room was full of love, support and a collective sense of pride from everyone who has watched Max overcome obstacles and thrive over the last thirteen years. And I know that, like me, everyone in that room was thinking how happy they were for such an amazing family. Mazel tov!!

    1. Wen, this is such a beautiful tribute to Max, and to the day. Thank you. I have never before framed a blog comment, but this made me want to.

  6. This made me cry. You are so lucky.
    And well done Fireman Max x

  7. Oh my goodness. He is one happy kiddo. Mazel Tov!

  8. What an AWESOME video! Mazel tov, Fireman Max! You rock!

  9. Saw this twice Mazel tov Way to go Fireman Max.

  10. Some of my rushed highlights focusing on the music and the graphics of "Thirteen years of one amazing boy":

    Loved "The Fight Song" for baby Max and "Somewhere over the Rainbow" for walking Max.

    And there's this dancing song with Dave and Sabrina.

    03:07 - the purple phase! And the famous balloon hat.

    03:49 "Everything's gonna be all right". The hotel stuff! Max plays doctor.

    04:30 Max is skiing.

    "My message to you".

    04:52 "Happy is the heart that still feels pain" - that is a boppy and poignant song. We see Max with more of his extended circle. "Everybody wants to love/everyone wants to be love". The day they touched a stingray.

    05:59 the co-regulated lemonade stand.

    06:56 Love love love.

    06:40 Max in a dodgem car.

    07:00 lots of firefighting moments.

    07:11 "Whenever I see your smiling face".

    07:22 "What makes you beautiful" - One Direction

    "You're so much fun you are a smart guy you give a 100% in all you do we love having you in our class you give us so much every day".

    [all right the teacher didn't say it in a rush or a run-on like that!]

    That is the 2nd Mazaltov.

    08:12 "Isn't it amazing a man like me can feel this way"/"How much longer. How much longer can one tell me I'm doing wrong/when I see you smiling".

    05:55 Max's fire safety presentation/mitzvah project.

    09:20 "Max you are amazing and we love you" in red background and black letters. [Which font?].

    1. Thank you, Adelaide, for this recap! I am not sure what font that was, it doesn't say. I used a slideshow maker called Animoto to put this together.

  11. Tears! Mazel tov to you and Max!

  12. Yes! Tears of joy & love! Mazel tov! Thank you for sharing

  13. I became a Love That Max follower back at The Lightning McQueen phase and have been a devoted follower ever since. Thank you Ellen for taking us fans along for the ride with you all. And Max, what a handsome and amazing boy you are.

  14. Thanks to all of you for celebrating Max with us. Max has had spring break this week and I can't even tell you how many times he's watched this!


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