Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We are THAT family on vacation

When your child, who is seemingly having a great time at the dude ranch where you are on vacation, repeatedly tells you he doesn't like it because it is not Disney World.

When he asks you to call Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney to inform them that he will be coming there soon.

When you call Animal Kingdom Lodge and ask the nice lady who picks up the phone to say hello to your child and to please address him as Fireman Max.

When your firefighter obsessed child discovers there's a firefighter staying at the resort and decides he'd prefer to hang out with that guy's family.

When your fire truck obsessed child, whose favorite truck is number 31, makes a beeline for table 31 in the dining room and stands there expectantly and you sheepishly apologize to the family seated there for bothering them and explain that your son's favorite fire truck is number 31 and would they mind if he borrows the placard and they kindly agree and he takes it and places it on his table (formerly number 90).

When he keeps doing that at every single meal.

When the dining room hostess has the number 31 placard waiting for him when your family arrives.

When your child wants to still celebrate his birthday two weeks later and the wait staff cheerfully indulges him and afterward his sister informs him, "MAX! It's called a birthDAY because it is ONE DAY!"

When your child decides it's amusing to pat the butt of the character horse circulating around the dining room.

When your child follows the character around and makes his way into several other families' photos until you realize it and draw him away.

When your child amazes the waiter by the amount of stuffed shells he consumes in one sitting (eight very large, very stuffed shells)—and then further amazes him by downing a gigantic bowl of chocolate ice cream.

When your daughter decides to have a giant bowl of whipped cream for dessert and you let her.

When your child's favorite activity, next to horseback riding, is riding the elevator to the floor below as you run down the stairs to meet him, and then taking it back up again. And he claims his two-month-old brother really likes doing that, too.

When your child sobs inconsolably as you check out of the resort because he had such a fun time.

When your child gets home and insists he can't unpack his suitcase because it is needed for Disney World.


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