Friday, October 23, 2015

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Go for it!

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  1. Today (and every Friday in October, AAC Awareness Month) is AAC Family Friday over at Uncommon Sense! Featuring pictures of AAC users and their families, we celebrate our extended AAC community :)

  2. I'm at #22 sharing a quick update since the blog has been so quiet lately! Thanks for hosting. :)

  3. I'm at #24. The title is not a typo.

  4. More baby photos! Ellen, I hope you have tons of help -- I am quite impressed by your output this last week:) xxoo, Kwp

  5. Hello again!

    I'm here with my coffee to read and meet new folks.

    I also shared both a Halloween story and a short list of ways I've changed and learned over the years.

    Happy reading and thank you again for hosting!

    (We'll be quiet and not wake the baby. Oh, look! He's up! And just when you maybe woulda mighta got a nap in. ;) )

  6. I blogged about my daughter's 12th birthday which happens to be today. 12!!! I'm still wondering how that happened!


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