Thursday, September 24, 2015

Smell cravings during pregnancy: Wha?!

The weird smell cravings started a few weeks ago. First, out of the blue, I needed to smell cedar. I told Dave, who unearthed a package of cedar blocks I'd gotten at Bed, Bath & Beyond and had forgotten about. He watched me rip open the package and inhale, and cracked up. I'd say this sure beats my potato salad cravings, especially because it's fat-free.

I didn't have smell cravings with either of my other pregnancies; it's a new preggo phenomenon for me this time around, like leg cramps and insomnia. And it just keeps getting more strange. I drew something for Max using a Sharpie and found the scent pleasant. Then I went to the paint store the other day to pick out a new color for our living room, walked in and was enthralled by the smell. I kept breathing it in as I checked out paint chips. (Eau de Paint Store: not a scent Estée Lauder will be debuting anytime soon.)

And then: Max and I were in our minivan driving around and we stopped next to a woman in a convertible smoking a cigarette. And it smelled good. 

When I Googled I found out that craving non-food items is not uncommon during pregnancy. It's called "pica" and it's considered a medical condition mainly because sometimes kids or adults actually want to to consume stuff like chalk, dirt, clay or powder, which makes my potato salad cravings seem pretty tame in comparison.

I haven't been down in our basement sniffing paint cans or anything. I haven't taken up smoking or sniffing Sharpies. But I have been sleeping with a small cedar block beneath my pillow. Delish.

Image source: Flickr/Roujo

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