Friday, December 26, 2014

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Take a parent winter break

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  1. Thanks for the link up. I shared my post about our son's SPD diagnosis and what it means two years later. He has been having a hard time the past two weeks, what with changes in routine and in weather, and I have to remind myself that this too shall get better (and worse and better and worse).

  2. Thank you for the link up! This blog is such a great resource and I enjoy reading everyone's posts. I hope you enjoy reading my post "Mom's New Year's Resolutions." I am sure many of you can relate to the craziness of day to life and what it means to have a 13-year-old who still needs his shoes tied for him. Much happiness and health to all of you in the New Year!

  3. Thank you for this opportunity. My blog post is about the lesson I learned during my son's Christmas show.

  4. As per usual, grateful for more reading material! Also, today's piece that I linked up is one that HuffPost picked up, and I've really enjoyed the conversations it's sparked.

  5. Hi, Ellen. A few months ago I found your blog by Special Needs Magazine (Facebook). I really love your blog. Me and Max have so much in common. Thanks for the linkup. The link I posted was Another reason to love firefighters!. Well, thanks again. Tell Max I said hi, from yours truly, biggest fan. :P

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  7. #29 First Christmas really feeling like a "special needs parent." Enjoying the holiday while trying to keep my sensitive little kiddo feeling safe and calm so he could enjoy it too.

  8. I cannot relate to most parents of special needs parents since I decided that my life and my kids are totally normal. I am hoping to meet more parents that feel the same way :)


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