Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween recap, special needs parent perspective

OK, so he doesn't want to wear his costume to trick or treat, just his firefighter hat. No biggie. He's come a long way since he was afraid to venture out from our front porch.

We're proud Halloweenies at our house.

"What, you don't want to wait for Daddy and Sabrina? You want to leave now? OK, we can go."

It's actually a good thing to head out while there's still some light so he has less of a chance of tripping.

"Wait, Max, you can't make the person in the house come down the stairs to give you candy because you don't feel like walking up!"

Oh. I guess you can.

"Thank you."

"Nice grasping, Max!"

Uh-oh, Tootsie Roll down.

"Try to get it in the bucket, buddy."

"Try again!"

"OK, one more time!"


Whoa, he just told her "Happy Halloween." That was a pretty clear "Happy Halloween."  And I didn't tell him to say it. LOVE IT.

"Max, ring the doorbell! No, you ring it. I'm not ringing it for you."

"Push harder! You can do it!"

Love how you can sneak OT into trick-or-treating. PT, too.

"You can ask him how old he is, he understands."

"He said, 'Eleven.'"

"He said, 'I want to be a fireman when I grow up.'"

"He said his name is Fireman Max. He only answers to Fireman Max."

"Yes, we can bring candy over to the fire station tomorrow."

"Let's put back some of that, you can't take that much!"

"Thank you, but he knows he should only take a couple of pieces, not ten, ha ha!"

"He actually wears that hat every single day. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up."

"OK, I'll carry the bucket. But it's your job to keep ringing doorbells."

"Oooh, look at those pumpkins!"

It's really nice to walk around together in the twilight and hold his hand.

"Sure, he'll have a peanut butter cup, thanks!"

So what if he's allergic. Moms deserve candy payback.

"I don't know why nobody is home. Maybe they went to the store to get more candy!"

"Yes, sweetie, the smoke coming out of that house is really cool."

"Can we please move along because we've been standing in the smoke for ten minutes?"

"You're tired? Don't cry, sweetie. Let's walk home."

"No, I can't carry you, you're too big."

"OK, we can go to one more house."

That kid is always so nice to him, I just wish he wouldn't talk to Max like he's a baby. 

"Let's just sit on the porch and hand out candy to kids who come."

Just not the peanut butter cups. I'm hiding those on the bottom of the basket.  

"Sweetie, you put candy into the kids' buckets but you can't take candy out of the kids' buckets." 

"I don't know where the kids are. It's getting late, maybe they are all done trick or treating."

"No, it's not Halloween tomorrow, too."


  1. Sounds like it was a win, win! Enjoy the peanut butter cups!

  2. I had a cupcake and snuck some candy bars from the bowl. I didn't have as much candy as I would have wanted to have.

  3. Glad you guys had a good time. Love how you managed to get some PT and OT in there.


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