Tuesday, April 1, 2014

50 ways kids with special needs are totally typical

Awareness about special needs and acceptance, whether we're talking about kids with autism, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome, starts with an understanding that children with special needs are children first. That, in many ways, they are not so different from other kids. And yet, so many people look at our children and only see the disability. Here's a little list of just some of the basic ways children with special needs are like any other kids. 


1. Have definite preferences about what they want to wear, eat, drink, watch and play

2. Understand more than you think

3. Get a kick out of Itsy Bitsy Spider, peek-a-boo and let's-watch-Daddy-try-to-parallel-park

4. Act like brats at times (having special needs does not automatically qualify them as angels)

5. Want the piece of birthday cake with the flower

6. Think knock-knock jokes are a laugh riot

7. Play favorites with Mom and Dad, depending on who's more likely to give in

8. Snuggle or convey love with their eyes, without saying a word

9. Get psyched when a favorite song comes on

10. Enjoy being at the playground, in the sandbox, in the pool or wherever kids have a good time

11. Have dreams of what they'd like to be when they grow up

12. Insist that they are right

13. Know when they've done wrong (but don't ecessarily want to admit it)

14. Ask for chocolate ice-cream before dinner, though they so know you won't let 'em

15. Consider bath time let's-flood-the-floor time 

16. Need regular hugs

17. Get annoyed when people talk about them as if they weren't right there

18. Love the free stickers at the doctor's and dentist's office

19. Hate haircuts

20. Want to win when they play games

21. Are curious about bugs, rain, microwaves, vacuums and the world around them

22. Can totally tell that you're lying when you say "But Toys 'R Us is closed right now!"

23. Get upset when someone won't play what they want to play

24. Crack up when they burp or fart, or anyone in their vicinity burps or farts. Because they're, you know, kids

25. Have books they want to read over and over (and: over)

26. Are full of potential

27. Refuse to eat their veggies

28. Refuse to go to bed

29. Can sense when you need a kiss

30. Get a kick out of cooking with Mom or Dad, and a bigger kick out of making a mess

31. Don't understand what's so great about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

31. Have a thing for Band-aids

32. Bang on the door or screech when you are in the bathroom because they need you RIGHT NOW

33. Crack up at that part in the movie, every single time

34. Didn't get the memo about sharing

35. Are utterly fascinated by iPads, iPhones and iAnything

36. Are utterly fascinated by boogers and butts, too

37. Attempt to get out of doing chores, bedroom clean-up and schoolwork

38. Enjoy being alone—not because they're anti-social, but because they like their own company

39. Eat macaroni and cheese every lunch for a year  

40. Can be totally into crayons or Play-doh one minute, then totally bored the next

41. May have a better sense of direction than their parents do and other unique smarts

42. Get embarrassed when their parents are overly effusive about their achievements

43. Randomly decide they don't want to go to school today, thankyouverymuch

44. Get all righteous if their sibling gets the bigger half

45. Think that taking a plane, train or bus is as much fun as the actual vacation

46. Enjoy looking at their beautiful selves in mirrors

47. Like playing dress-up

48. Get scared of clowns

49. Have lazy days

50. Just enjoy being kids


  1. LOVE this! But hate that we might have to "enlighten" others that commonalities exist.... *sigh* (PS - YAY for #5!)

  2. I was reading this post and I was imaging Mariana hahaha, loved it! First time i read it, i make sure it won't be the last time!! Kisses and hugs from Barranquilla-Colombia
    Check my blog, is in spanish :(

  3. Love this!! I hold it to be very true. Thank you for posting this it made my day. We also have a blog on our special needs daughter.
    You can drop our blog at: http://welove2learn.com

  4. Reminding everyone that your 24yr old boy is not just 24. He's 5,10,17yrs old all at the same time. Every mistake is wonderful! Every gigantic mess was a job well done and laugh about it!!!! Watching Dora the Explorer w/your 24yr old! Having dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Going to the toy dept when your friends can't come over and going to the same section every single time to find the "just right" spiderman,batman or wrestler! Have 5 of your friends over every weekend (all with special needs). Now that 's a blast, but you better know each child's needs in order to make the weekend go right. Have a full pantry for that! Cuddle,sing and read funny story books with your precious 24yr old. Hold him tight each night till you both fall asleep. My boy. The light of my life forever. Barb and Nicholas Summo

    1. That's really beautiful, Barb. Thank you for sharing!

    2. Love what you say and totally relate to it, especially the part about having a child who is many different ages.

  5. And I have a few more

    1- Loves the water
    2- Has a favorite color
    3- Is fascinated by trains etc
    4- Are clever
    5- Appreciates good music

  6. They will sing to the tambourine and the harp and rejoice to the sound of the flute.

    Job 21:12

    Who doesn't love music?

  7. Hi! My name is Erik. I am 12 and I have a blog where I review books. I was looking around the internet to find resources to go with a book I am reviewing on Friday. It is a picture book about cerebral palsy. I found your article (and blog) and I'm going to link to it from my book review... but that's not the point. I just wanted you to tell Max he's awesome and "Hi" from me. :)


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