Friday, March 14, 2014

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: All that and more

It's the Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up, your happy place.

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Like this: Love That Max: I Am Legally Changing My Name To Lightning McQueen, K?

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Happy linking!


  1. Good morning! I shared a post about feeling caught between a rock and a hard place

  2. Thanks Ellen. love being able to share Mac's portfolio about himself and what he thinks is important for people to know.

  3. I look forward to these posts every Friday. Thanks!

  4. Investing In behaviour analysts to understand and support inclusion of autistic students. Instead of building more isolation rooms in Irish schools. The simple irish solution to a shameful irish problem

  5. This week I've added a happy post about my wheelchair-bound daughter finally getting a bit of independence :)

  6. I'm out of coffee. Good thing the fabulous posts here are always filled with ideas and stories that give me plenty of energy!

    Hmmm... but ideas and stories go so well with coffee!!! tee hee!

    Thank-you again for the link-up!

  7. Thank you for hosting :) I wrote about making my own arm brace, because I can't afford not to...

  8. Hi. Dexter's at #44 this week. We've shared our thoughts on how 2014 is a good time to have CP, because of the services, equipment and research available to us. We've been posting to raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy this month. Happy weekend.

  9. I am really looking forward to linking up every week! I have found some really good blogs to follow. It feels so good knowing that I am not alone. This week I am #47. I have started a "Reflection series" in hopes to give encouragement to others (and I reminder to myself). I post a new one everyday so make sure you see them all!

  10. I first discovered your website when my Jonathan was a baby and newly diagnosed. Tomorrow would have been his third birthday; he's been gone now about six months. Today is my first day participating in your weekend link up. I linked the a post about adapting interactive books for kids with special needs. Jonathan's Bookshelf is a website we created in Jonathan's memory. Thanks!

    1. Sara, I am so sorry to hear this, and sorry we haven't connected before. I love what you are doing on your site. The part where you mention a friend's comment is particularly beautiful: "In the weeks that followed my friend was angry, trying to figure out why a miracle hadn’t saved him. Then, she realized –his life was the miracle."

  11. I'm excited to find this link up! I'm always excited to get a glimpse into other families' struggles and triumphs.


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