Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florida's best entertainment (take that, Disney)!

Florida was quite the escape. And not just because my spirits needed lifting and it was pleasantly warm and sunny and we did a lot of great activities (more on that later this week).

The actual best form of entertainment—and distraction—were the kids.

Max toted around this Denny's menu for most of the trip because it pictured spaghetti, which he ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For real. Extra credit: Spot the "Max" and "Caleb" he asked me to write on it.

Max also had ice-cream every single night because we found a Stone Cold Creamery and he was so psyched it looked exactly like the one by our house. Halfway through dinner, Max would inevitably look up from his spaghetti and say "Ice-cream!" just to make sure we'd remember to take him there.

Sabrina kept calling sunscreen "sunscream." I decided not to correct her for the pure entertainment value, though I will certainly do so before she goes to college.

"Come here, Max, I need to put on your sunscream," she said every morning. And she did.

During car rides, she entertained us by reciting commercials, thereby confirming my suspicion the child has been watching way too much TV:

"Nationwide is on your side."

"Subway. Eat fresh!"

"They are happy, Happy Nappers, and they love to play with you!"

Max, meanwhile, was both entertained and terrified of the daily Mass Sliming at Nickelodeon Suites Resort, in which a gigantic bucket hanging above the pool area dumped a massive amount of green stuff onto a crowd (yes, I have photos). Max ran back to our room right before it tipped over and watched it unfold from the window, which faced the courtyard. Then he kept talking about it.

"LIME!" he'd say. ["SLIME!"]

"Was there a little or a lot?" I'd ask.

"ALAH!" he'd say. ["A LOT!"]

"What color was it?" I'd ask.

"EEEN!" ["GREEN!"]

He even slept with a little tube of it.

Even at her most obnoxious, Sabrina never failed to amuse. One day, as we were driving, she started begging us to let her see Ringo while we were in Florida. Dave told Sabrina it could wait till we got home.

"Daddy, can I borrow your phone?" she asked, sweetly. A minute later she asked, "Mommy, how do you spell don't?" Then she handed me back the phone:

Maybe I shouldn't have, but I laughed and laughed. Dave wasn't quite as amused.

Sabrina asked for the phone again.

Now Dave was amused, and I laughed so hard I cried. And it felt really good.

Share: How have your kids entertained you lately? What have they done that's made you smile or crack up?


  1. So you were at Universal? I've always wanted to go, but have never been. Sounds like y'all had a blast.

  2. This sounds like the perfect family vacation. I loved it and it made me smile and laugh all the way through.

    I really needed that today.


  3. Does universal have any special needs accommodations?

  4. Heh! My preschooler says "sunscream" too.

    I think families can have fun anywhere if they have the right mindset! Or menu!

  5. Working on a post about Universal!

    Holly, love what you say, it's so true. Alas, the menu got lost in travel. Need to get to Denny's to get new one.

  6. I know someone that use to call an air conditioner an airsencleaner (Air-SIN-clee-Ner). It was funny, but what made it funnier was when she was corrected she told people they were wrong and SHE had it right.

  7. Leo loves to climb into our laundry hamper (after emptying all the dirty clothes onto the floor, natch), hiding in it, and popping up to say "BOO!" He puts the top on the hamper so it looks like a sombrebro. He did it the other day and I swear for some reason it just got me and I could NOT stop laughing. Which of course, just made him do it even more. I swear, I had tears! The best kind of tears though.
    Kids really do make it hard to take anything too seriously. It's pretty great!

  8. great post! thanks.
    My kids all have their moments and thankfully some of them are hysterical.
    Have to try to post more about them.

  9. i recently add a few blue streaks to my hair (training for roller derby)
    when i asked my son how it looked he said "don't worry mom blue goes with grey."

  10. Fun post about enjoying your kids! I too will sometimes not correct my daughter's pronunciation purely for the entertainment value, and I'm sometimes a little sad when she starts pronouncing things correctly.

  11. I'm so glad you laughed!!! Last night Olivia and I were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe...all over some silly voice I was doing when I was reading a book.

  12. Well, just about anything Margo does makes me smile. Yesterday, she took a paper cup out of the garbage and attempted to run away with it and hide since she knew that she did something she wasn't supposed to. I caught up with her and picked her up and she proceeded to plant a ton of kisses on my face so that I wouldn't be upset with her!!!

  13. Sounds like you had the BEST time (sorry I missed you in Port St Lucie - work got in the way).

    Your post totally made me miss having kids that age. I can't wait to be a grandma (bubbie, nana, or whatever).

  14. Just loved your post, you trip sounded fantastic, just super, I loved the phone borrowing notes...Oh and I love the English Thomas Tank takes impressions too, (I'm from the UK).

    love Mel

  15. I SO want to go to Universal in Florida. Because they have a Harry Potter ride.

    So what if I'm 29. I'm young at heart. And I'm pregnant, so the average age of everyone in my body is 14.5 TOTALLY not too old to enjoy Harry Potter rides. We'll just leave out the part about the safety of whirly rides when pregnant.

    Glad you guys had fun, and I'm sure Sabrina will like you guys just find the next time there is something sweet or glittery she wants! :)

  16. Hahaha I love Sabrina's note! My mom kept the notes like that that my siblings and I would write her, to make us feel guilty now that we're adults :-p

    Last night M had us laughing because he started to sing a Justin Bieber song! He was sitting in the corner and just started singing to himself, which he's never done before! We were so excited and he sounded so cute. I'm glad I caught it on video :-)

  17. Max also had ice-cream every single night because we found a Stone Cold Creamery and he was so psyched it looked exactly like the one by our house. http://www.3dexpobg.com/


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