Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of kindergarten, and I'm the one with jitters

Tomorrow, Sabrina starts kindergarten. It's the first time I'm experiencing this big transition because at five, Max just stayed in the same school he'd been in; there's no kindergarten class there. I've been pretty relaxed about the whole thing and then suddenly today, I got all hyper.

I called the school to find out if she could wear shorts (yep).

I called again to find out what to send for lunch, like I had never prepared lunch before in my entire life.

I called Dave three times to make sure he'd gotten in touch with the bus company about what time the bus was coming.

I ran out to get the book The Night Before Kindergarten.

I called Dave again to make sure he'd remembered to ask what time the bus company was dropping her off.

I even picked out her clothes ahead of time, the sort of organizational thing I never do. This was mainly because we typically have a 7-minute battle every morning over her outfit. I know I should just let it go but I get so tired of seeing her in Max's gray shorts and a gray Mickey Mouse t-shirt, her current favorite outfit. It's parent abuse, I tell you—I am being deprived of my right to see my little girl in cutesy dresses, although I don't think suing her would accomplish anything. Today, though, I didn't even bother asking her to wear a dress tomorrow. We settled on a previously unworn white t-shirt with a gumball machine on it (which she's ignoring because it's not gray) and a pair of Max's brown shorts...from the laundry.

Sabrina is totally calm. Tonight she asked vital questions like "Will they have snack?" and "Will I be able to wear Max's shorts every day?" but in general, she seemed pretty nonplussed. I read her The Night Before Kindergarten, and she most liked the part at the end where the parents bawled because—SPOILER ALERT!—they were sad about leaving their kids at school. So, she likes to torture me by not wearing dresses and she'd like to see me cry. Nice!

The bus will be picking her up at 7:15. Dave and I were all ready to drive her for the first day but she said, definitively, "I want to take the bus." For years, she's watched Max board a small yellow school bus, and I think she's all, FINALLY! I AM GETTING TO RIDE THE BUS. I think she's aware, too, that she's getting older, and I'm not sure she completely likes that. When I got home from work today, she was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking chocolate milk and wearing an old Elmo bib.

Truth, I'm not totally ready to let her get older, either.


  1. Have fun Sabrina!! My best friend (on some days) from Kindergarten signed the ketubah at my wedding so be nice to everyone! :-)

  2. Tell us how it goes what grade is max going into and when does he start

  3. Oh, the baby chub- I can hardly handle it! Good luck on starting school (for the both of you). ;)

  4. SO cute as a baby!

    That "picking out clothes the night before" routine is a good one to get into--trust me on this. Hardwire it into your evening schedule. I'm the most disorganized person in the world, but that one saves a LOAD of AM agita. Make them choose, too, you just act as the Thumbs UP/Down judge. And always have a spare outfit in the back of the drawer/closet, in case of breakfast spills or something even less savory.

    Enjoy! What WILL you do with all that free time!!!

  5. Oh, those thighs!! I only make minature people so I am envious of the baby you got to squeeze. You'll be OK Ellen, you really will. It is OK to cry.

  6. We'll be reading The Night Before Kindergarten on Monday! (Great series, by the way.) Loved this post. Can totally relate to the clothes stuff. Let us know how it goes on the bus!

  7. Best of luck to you both, Ellen. I hope Sabrina has a wonderful first day!

  8. That baby picture put me over the edge! I hope it was a great first day. It's very hard to let them go for the first time.

  9. Definitely understandable! I have no doubt she will do great and have a blast, but letting go is SOOOO hard.

    Love the baby pic. What a cutie!

  10. ahhh...hope she has a great day! I was the same way last year when Zach started kindergarten...I was soooo nervous about everything.

  11. I'm gonna be one of those moms that just cries their eyes out when Sammy starts school.

  12. Aaah...very interesting about her wearing that bib! She wants to keep a foot in both worlds. Totally adorable she wears MAx's shorts. My Maisie would run screaming if I asked her to wear her brothers' shorts...she starts kindergarten next week too. She's always wanted to take a bus to school like her older brothers but they don't bus in town. She's jealous of the boys in so many ways, and has always wanted to go to their school (if she only knew!).
    Big hugs on the first day though, Ellen, I am in the same situation.

  13. Good luck! Make sure you get tons of pictures.

  14. I found your blog through Parents magazine I hope you don't mind me posting here. My son Also had a stroke the Nero does not know when it happened, but my son has been through alot he has Congenital Heart Disease it is nice to know that there are other patens out there tht are goin through the same thing as you are. My Son also just started School Pre-K nad I have been having a very hard time dealing with it. My Son was Diganosed having mild MR and CP. It is very inspiring to read your blog.

    Thank you, Karen

  15. Sabrina is going to do great! Not sure how you will survive though. Her vital question #1 "Will they have snack?" i guess the apple don't fall far from the tree, don't you proclaim to be a professional snacker? The question about wearing Max's shorts, I'm afraid you may have ruined your chance to see her in a dress. The answer to that question should have been... No i'm sorry honey, but the school doesn't allow you to wear your brothers


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