Friday, November 13, 2009

The dog ate my blog post

OK, that is not the truth.

We do not have a dog. We never even replaced the fish I murdered.

I am just a little too pooped tonight to write much. I am pooped, perhaps, because it is 1:04 a.m. Curse you, third cup of coffee.

So I will leave you with these pics from the photographer Peter Miller, who recently came over to snap Max and Sabrina.

Have a fun-filled, love-filled weekend everyone.


  1. OMG - these are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even pick a favorite because is beautiful and natural. You better start frame shopping.

  2. You could always say that my dog ate your homework - he seems to eat everything around here!!

    The photos are stunning! I can't pick a favourite either although I love the one of Max and Sabrina walking together.

  3. Oh good gods, you make such beautiful children and take such beautiful photographs. I love them (the kids and the pictures!). :D

  4. Ellen, they are absolutely DELISH (a word I usually reserve for my own munchkins). I could eat them up! Max reminds me so much of my Luca, (they share the exact same haircut and dark eyes) and how yummy are Sabrina's dimpled hands?!

    xo Cat


  5. Good Lord, Ellen-- you keep hours like I do! I stay up late at night because it is ALONE TIME, which I do not get nearly enough of around here. Though I don't drink coffee past two in the afternoon. I have learned my lesson.

    No matter how late I stay up though, Connor does not allow for sleeping in. This is a sad state of affairs. I hope Max and Sabrina are occasionally a little more forgiving.

    Beautiful pictures of some beautiful kiddos, though!


  6. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos.I think my
    favorites are Sabrina in the rock garden and Max on the tractor. The grin on his face is delicious. I repeat myself but your kids are gorgeous. So photogenic. Such beautiful shots!

  7. How cute are those two kiddos of yours!?!? I love it!

    My fav picture is Max on his little trike thing and of course the two holding hands, hand-holding pictures always get me :)

  8. Beautiful pictures. Also, don't worry too much about Sabrina's finger nails--when she needs refular pedicures, that's when you're in trouble.

  9. Look at the size of that you don't see that too often anymore. Beautiful pictures!! Max and Sabrina look gorgeous.

  10. Awesome photos. I'm in love with Sabrina's dress... where'd ya get it??

  11. I think that dress is from Target! I love these photos, but they kids look so big in them—that's unnerving, my babies are growing up! Sabrina still has some little girl pudge—you saw her hands earlier in the week. I love that pudge.

  12. What grand photographs! Beautiful settings and beautiful children as well!

    Don't feel guilty about being overwhelmed or just too damn busy and not able to blog every day--the pics make a great post.

    I know about strange hours--I can be at work at midnight or three in the morning depending on if I get unlucky and have to pull a lousy shift (or a double shift). Good thing I have my parents and the kids have two homes, basically, otherwise I could never do it. I don't know how I manage to get enough sleep some days, I grab it when I can, but if sleeping were an olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist.

    We're trying to get everything set for Thanksgiving, and we're so thrilled because there will be FOUR GENERATIONS at the table this year! My grandparents live with my brother's family, and they're all making the trek! Last year we couldn't pull it off due to illness, but this year, so far, so good.

    I always enjoy Thanksgiving--less stress, and good food and family love! Plus, I'm not working over the holiday at all (for a change). Four days off in a row--I have no idea what I will do with myself!

  13. I love the pictures! The one of them walking together melts my heart... so precious.

  14. Those are great pictures, thanks for sharing them.

  15. Absolutely GORGEOUS.
    The children are perfect,
    and the photographer is amazing.
    Whitney -

  16. Those are adorable photos!! I love looking at photos of my sister and me when we were younger! :)

  17. OMG!!!!! I LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite either, Each is special in it's own right!

  18. i love the last one, really beautiful.


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