Monday, September 14, 2009

The video that should have won for Best Female Video of the Year

Dear MTV Video Music Awards,

I am writing to you to express my outrage and shock over the events of Sunday night. Why, I ask you, was the following never nominated for Best Female Video of the Year? Talk about controversy!

I sent you copies of the tape, which was directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg. Or was it Paula Abdul? I can't recall. I roped in Jason Wu, the guy who created Michelle Obama's inaugural gown, to design the ultraglamourous pink outfit—no wardrobe malfunction there, you will note! I had a celeb hairstylist do those loose cascading curls. There was even a world-renowned backup singer on hand. OK, so he didn't sing.

Furthermore, MTV, what is up with airing the show so much past bedtime?

As her publicist, it's my obligation to inform you: You picked the wrong girl.


  1. Ellen,
    I think you DO have a future star on your hands! She really has that song down pat! Very cute!

  2. That child has some PIPES!! And some rhythm to go with it!

    I like her chair-swing dancing routine, too!

    And her backup dancer is just too cute!

  3. Invalid ballot!!! I am with Aunt Judy and did not really have to twist her arm to make her watch this video at least 4 times. A star has been born and it's only a matter of time before she is discovered. Pure enjoyment!!!

  4. Definitely, this kid has talent, and her back up singer is pretty fabulous too! I am amazed at how long she can go and how she knows every single word. WOW!! Too cute!

    Thanks for doing my post request. I can't wait to read it. I am excited. Gosh, how boring am I??!!

  5. Oh My What Talent! And her backup dancer is a cutie as well! They definately have my vote for Female Video Of The Year.. :0)

  6. Sabrina really does have singing talent! Felicia is right that she has rhythm, too.
    And Max - when he pipes in with that big smile, my heart turns to a big pile of goo. What a couple of sweethearts!

  7. "right young women"--I love it when she sings that part.

  8. Lol. Too cute!

    I'm with you. MTV got it WRONG!

  9. Puts Taylor Swift to shame! Too cute. This made my day. Thanks!

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