Friday, May 8, 2009

What I want for Mother's Day

This is a photo of what I asked for.

Minus the breakfast part. Or even the flower.

Seriously, when Dave asked what I'd like on Sunday, I said "Just let me sleep late."

Of course he said yes. Am I low maintenance or WHAT?!

[Note from Dave: "She's really not."]

What do you want for Mother's Day?

XOXOXO to all of you amazing moms. You go above and beyond 24/7/365.

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  1. hay I might not be able to give you more sleep but I can give you hope for max come visit and tell the other cp moms to do so as well

  2. no fighting, no whining, everyone is healthy, and would someone please help me FINALLY build my garden?!?!

    That is what I want...even if Tony let me sleep in, I couldn't...I am always up with the birds!

  3. I will go over to my folks' house with the boys on Saturday, and we'll watch a film and stay overnight. The next day, the boys and 'Grampa' will make up a nice breakfast for me and my mom, give us flowers and homemade cards, they'll spend the day telling us how beautiful we are, and then they'll do up a nice cook out for us in the afternoon!

    That's been the routine the last two years, and it's becoming a tradition!

  4. I want *exactly* what you want!

  5. A cure for strokes would be great, but I'll be happy with some macaroni art and a kiss from Daniel. Enjoy sleeping in, Ellen!

  6. Sleep, and my house cleaned.......whew that would be nice!

  7. Well, since I can't pull the coasts closer together, I requested a trip to CA. And then I bought my tickets before my husband could realize that I would be leaving him home alone with a lot of kids for a long time...

  8. Health, happiness and a box of Lindt chocolate ;-). Oh, and to open the little present that BC made for me at kinder.


  9. Sleep would be great too, it must be a night and morning of UNINTERRUPTED sleep. Also a cleaning lady to come twice a month, I can't keep up with this house.

  10. Well, we're doing something very special for Mother's Day. Last year we took Gavin to a shrine and prayed that his hearing would be restored. This year we're going back to say thanks because it WAS! No more hearing aids!! Yippeee!!
    I totally want this:
    Can someone tell my husband?

  11. I got shoes for Mother's Day. Bought them myself actually - came home last night after shopping and showed my husband what he had "bought me". Normally I like to be surprised, but this year I just really wanted shoes!

  12. I told my husband to take Chaz to visit the granmas and not make me go. House to myself for a couple of hours. Totally selfish and I'm just fine with it--well, I'm trying to be fine with it.

  13. Every year that I've been eligible to celebrate Mother's Day, the only thing I've ever wanted is a day off. Is that bad? :) I did get a fun sun catcher craft to do with Alice and I am looking forward to that. But yes, blissful sleep is always at the top of the I Want This list.


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