Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Power to the Peeps

It is safe to say, I think, that parents of kids with special needs typically have much bigger issues on their mind than "I must get my child to try a Peep."

Not me.

Max has never had one. He's never really eaten much candy, in fact. He's not yet able to chew gummy or hard stuff, or bite into bars. It's one of those things that's always bummed me out; candy is such a quintessential childhood pleasure. True, Max has plenty of treats he enjoys—chocolate pudding, tapioca pudding, ice-cream, any type of birthday cake, hot and sour soup (seriously). But no Peeps.

I bought a package on Sunday (Peeps in the drugstore: the first true sign of spring) and I've had Peeps on the brain ever since. Last night I came home from work, so excited to show them to Max. I danced a yellow chick around on the kitchen table, broke off a tiny bit and popped the piece into Max's mouth, on his back molars so he could more easily chew it.

He loved it. "Mooooooore!" was the exact thing he said, in fact.

All is right in the world: My little boy loves sugary, cavity-inducing, no-nutritional-value-whatsoever Peeps.

Oh, shout out to my inspiring friend and dedicated commenter, Rich, for the article about him in his local paper. We have a celebrity in our midst!


  1. My child's favorite food is chocolate pudding, with whipped cream coming in a close second. Since he's growth restricted, pretty much anything I can get down him with calories in it is good. I like feeding him milkshakes in public and watching people shake their heads and cluck their tongues at my parenting style.

    It's true that we special needs parents often have more important things on our minds, however. Recently I spent an entire afternoon attempting to teach Connor to clap in time to "Yellow Submarine." Also to burp on command. These are important life skills, people!



    They have them in different colors now, too!! AND shapes!!! There are "bunny" peeps now!

    I remember the classic yellow ones in my childhood, but since then I've seen them in pink and green and blue as well!

    How wonderful that Max is able to enjoy "chillin' with his PEEEEPS!!!"


    PEEEPS!! Too cool!

    Now i want to go to the store and get some!

  3. You can keep the peeps... Sorry, mom likes them, but I never really have... I do like chocolate, tapioca, vanilla pudding though.

    Yea celebrity me!!! The article has also been pinged on USA Judo, and USA Paralympic Judo... :-) I encourage you all to pass it along!!! If you want more info, just drop me an e-mail!

  4. Oh no, I'm on my way to the grocery store and now I have one more item to add to my list - PEEPS! I normally hate marshmallow, but I love Peeps - odd, I know.
    I'm so happy to hear that Max has discovered one of the most disgustingly wonderful foods known to man. It's the seemingly small accomplishments that mean so much to us.
    Max, I once saw a giant Peep that looked so good! I just may have to find one to keep you busy until the Easter Bunny stocks up for you. =)

  5. HAHAH!! I did the same thing! Couldn't imagine how excited I was to have Kasia try those little yellow Peeps! Unfortunately, she bit off the beak and wanted nothing more to do with it.

    I'm with Jess though....Kasia needs CALORIES....they should make chocolate dipped Peeps!

  6. I actually think that they make them now for other holidays too, but the yellow Easter ones are the classic ones!! I am always happy to read that my handsome Max tried something new and enjoyed it. Give him as many as he wants but make sure you brush his teeth afterwards!!!

  7. I was that way with my girls and pop rocks. For some reason neither had ever tried them....and I didn't want to give them to much information about what would happen...cuz I love surprises. Well it scared Regan to death to have that popping in her mouth....but then she really liked it after the initial shock.

  8. Our boys are so similiar with the eating thing. Many times I've wished I could bribe him with some candy.

    Last week I stopped by his preschool just as they were handing out peeps for a snack and I thought, "well this should be interesting". Suprisingly enough he took one bite and said, "Mmmmmmm" before throwing it on the floor. One bite is progress;)

  9. I love seeing children experience food we have known for years. The first time my daughter took a bite of a three muskateer she exclaimed, "Mommy this is the best thing EVER!!!". Cracked me up. She also never gets sweets or soda's so maybe it's my failure to give her great tasting items. ha!

  10. Who doesn't love Peeps? Well, actually I don't. So my kids didn't get them until a babysitter gave them some for Easter one year. Now they are a spring staple! There was an artist who did huge pieces totally covered in peeps...a better use for those calories, I think. But hey, give me chocolate any day :)

  11. Well, I'm glad Max liked the Peeps! I've seen those things everywhere but have never tried them. Maybe I'll have to give them a go - as I said in one of my recent posts I hate feeling left out!

  12. Thanks a lot Ellen...Andy and I devoured some peeps tonight. I totally would not have bought them had it not been for this post! So, um, thanks? ;)

  13. Love the title and the post. Alex holds on to those for such a long time that no one would ever consider eating them afterwords. He's a hoarder!

  14. Oh! I want to try a Peep!!! I've never heard of them before (not available here in Oz) but they sound yummy ;-). Maybe I could send you a caramello koala in return? ;-).

    Well done to Rich. Read the article and loved his final comments. Inspiring!

  15. http://www.candywarehouse.com/purplepeeps.html?utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase&cvsfa=2200&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=4a423539353035

    :) :)


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