Monday, October 3, 2016

One-on-one time with my big kids

Since the baby arrived, I've spent a lot of time focused on...the baby. Little ones have a way of doing that to you. Hold me! Feed me! Change me! Play with me! Feed me! Change me! Play peek-a-boo eleventy billion times in a row with me!

I'm still adjusting to this mom-of-three thing, and there are times I feel like nobody is getting the best of me. So every so often, I spend one-on-one time with Max and Sabrina.

For Sabrina, that may involve going to a dance or theater performance but more typically means eating lunch out and shopping for clothing. This is not particularly zen, because we inevitably end up arguing over something super-pricey she wants that she does not need (IMO) except she really does (IHO), but we have fun. This weekend, we had turkey BLTs and she got a pretty blue dress plus a t-shirt that looks like it has clothing pills all over it except it's supposed to look that way, and it seems as if they charged extra for the pilling.

Max's idea of a great time is going for ice-cream, driving to the local fire station, roaming around the mall or seeing a movie. This weekend, we went on a date to see Storks. His favorite theater is one where you can have food served as you sit in big comfy armchair,  but we ended up at a place closer to the house. As soon as we sat down, Max informed me that he preferred the other theater and could we go? Going out with him isn't always so zen, either. Who am I kidding? Parenthood isn't zen.

Max sat back in his seat and watched the previews start, and I marveled at how engaged he was. En route, I'd reminded him how scared he used to be of going to movies at indoor theaters (he was always fine with drive-ins) until he saw Monsters University at the theater in town three years ago and then he was hooked. I like to remind him of how far he's come.

He squealed when the preview for Sing came on (we're both excited to see it). Storks was adorable and had both of us laughing. We were especially amused that the baby in the movie sounded like Ben.

Sometimes I watched Max watching the movie, which is also enjoyable to me. I am grateful that he's reached the point where we can laugh together at a funny movie. Oh, and I am also grateful that he has no interest in seeing LEGO Batman.


  1. Good times are good. Making sure Max and Sabrina do not feel neglected due to Ben's arrival will prevent the breeding of resentment.

  2. A little off topic but blog related. What happened to your blog roll on the right margin? I followed a few of these off your home page.


    1. Um, I have lost a number of things lately, and I am not exactly sure how I LOST A BLOG ROLL. But it's not there. Eeep. I will have to recreate in my non-spare time! Judith, what blogs in particular did you follow?

    2. No worries if this isn't something simple to restore your existing list. And besides a lot of the bloggers stopped posting so it would be interesting to see what your new list looks like.

      (Shana Tovah)

  3. What a special day for the two of you! I can't wait for the point when my daughter and I can do fun things like this!


    1. Start saving now for all the clothing! Bwaaaaaaaa-ha-ha!

  4. I loved watching him giggle on Facebook. Max is such a big boy! My girlfriend Michelle O'Brien told me that even in parenting a 90% is still an A. That means you can screw up on 10%. Just do what you can and enjoy. That is what it is all about! I like this one to - When you think you can't do anything right to make your kids happy- that is when you are doing everything right. Never give up! xxoooo Love, Suze


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