Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love that Sabrina: 10 years of awesome

Daddy said you looked like a pink marshmallow when we brought you home from the hospital in the bunting.

I used to nibble on your legs because I thought they were so delicious. Aren't you glad I stopped doing that?

I loved dressing you in hats. 

You called your pacifier a "habifier" and refused to give it up until we were going to Disney World, and I told you that they weren't allowed there. (Sorry.)

You liked to pretend to call and place orders for Chinese food.

 You wanted to feed this bird at the zoo popcorn and you got mad because I said no. I am glad you have learned that Moms are always right. RIGHT?

Like many kids, you went through a princess phase.

You also got over the princess phase.

 I thought you looked like a model in a clothes catalog in this photo.

You are always an amazing sister to Max.

You once met a celebrity, Jennifer Garner, at an event only you were too shy to talk to her. She thought you were super-cute. 

You sure aren't shy at home!

You and Daddy always have adventures.

First day of kindergarten. You didn't like to wear dresses back then. Once, I offered you twenty dollars to wear a dress to a party and you turned me down.

You quickly got better at figuring out computer stuff than me.

You can do things I never could as a kid, like hula hooping...

and skiing.

You used to ask me to count the freckles on your cheeks.

I thought you were gorgeous the day you were born, and then you just kept getting more gorgeous.

You're very good at making money, whether you're selling lemonade or Girl Scout cookies or trying to get me to give you extra allowance.

You're a wonderful violin player...

...and amazing at gymnastics and dancing, too. You make me so proud.

And you know I love how much you enjoy reading.

I am glad you thought I was cool enough to go to the Katy Perry concert with you last summer. Maybe that is because I am the one who got the tickets? Ha ha! 

Everyone who knows you thinks you're such a nice kid. It seems like the dolphins thought so, too.

You're a girl who's beautiful inside and out. Happy 10th Birthday, sweetheart. 


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