Thursday, April 11, 2019

This is what makes spring even more exciting

All through winter, Max would point to the leafless trees and say "Ewwww!" What he meant: Living in a cold climate was not for him. California, however, was. And so, when spring finally rolled around and the trees started budding, Max got genuinely excited.

Max isn't the only person in the house thrilled by the arrival of leaves. At 3 years old, Ben is full of awe, even for things that don't involve iPhones. When we walking around last weekend, I pointed to shrubs that were starting to turn green and said "Look, the leaves are growing in!" and he let out this adorable giggle, the one reserved for stuff that truly delights him.

The other day, Max and I headed out to pick up Ben from daycare. We were at a stoplight when Max's face lit up and he squealed. There was a big tree in a park with little green leaves. As we drove past it, I spotted a sign that said Optimist's Park and suddenly I felt like I was in some sort of Disney movie and bluebirds were about to pop up and start circling around my head.

I get just as happy-giddy about the season. Coming home from work at night and seeing which flowers are cropping up on people's lawns is a treat. In the morning, right after I wake up I look outside to see which daffodils have bloomed in our backyard. But it is extra-awesome to see the season through the eyes of my boys, one who's got a tremendous sense of wonder and one who, at age 16, has never lost it.

The cherry blossoms came out this week and as Max, Ben and I drove home that afternoon,  we played a game of spotting which house had trees with pink blossoms and which had ones with green leaves. Nothing complicated. But we laughed and laughed, and loved spring and life.

Image: Flicker/SMcD22

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  1. Three senses of wonder all blending together.

    And, wow, the pink blossoms.

    That big tree with the little green leaves.


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