Saturday, July 23, 2011

In which Max wears spaghetti on his head

I try to help Max fit in with other kids, the reason I didn't get him those Purple Crocs back in April.

This weekend, he discovered the "I Am Spaghetti" card in the Hedbanz game. (There is no sign of his obsession letting up; I wouldn't be surprised if he requested spaghetti ice-cream one of these days.) Max's new head gear has made him so happy that we've let him go everywhere with it on—for a walk around town, to stores and on other errands. He wore it in his bath tonight.

Some people smile and some stare. Max is just psyched. For once, he doesn't have to go around calling himself Spaghetti Sauce Max because you can see, clear as day, that he IS spaghetti.

I am glad that so far, we haven't bumped into any of the neighborhood kids as I suspect this wouldn't do much for his image. Meanwhile, though, Max is having a spaghetti-tastic time.

What sort of stuff are you letting your kids get away with this weekend?!


  1. I know what he sould be for halloween spegeti


    I saw this cake a while ago and thought of you guys immediately!!

  3. I saw sausage ice cream on the food network tonight. Spaghetti ice cream might be next!

  4. Spaghetti Eis- one of my all time favorite desserts.

    here is a link w/ recipe:

  5. Ha,ha.... "Spaghetti Sauce Max"...I like it! :)

    You know, it's actually not to bad..I could see myself wearing it...but then again..I'm a little odd!

    this weekend we're letting our guy stay up a little late..! His mommy, Noah's Mom, MD just finished up over a decade of training (becoming a pediatrician is hard work!) so we went out for dinner! Fun time..but the little guy passed out in his car seat!

    Oh...and thanks for not letting the kids down the street see Spaghetti Sauce're right...they probably wouldn't get it! :)

    Noah's Dad

  6. He's adorable and so proud of that sign! :o)

    My 12 year old is crowing over pictures of the Beatles & Elvis right now. He's obsessed with the 1970's - "When you were young, Mom!" At least he's figured out I wasn't young in the 40's!

  7. Thanks to AZ, I am now brewing ideas for making Max a spaghetti and meatballs hat.

    Ellen, I can't imagine that there is one person who doesn't smile when they see Max wearing his spaghetti headband. And if they're not smiling, then they're just grumps.

  8. When my now 9yo son was younger he loved to jump into puddles after it rained. (Who am I kidding, he still loves to do this!) One rainy Sunday when he was 7 he dressed himself to walk the dogs. shorts, undershirt, rain boots, his yellow rain slicker that came down to his knees (so it looked like he only had on a rain coat & boots) and his Jets football helmet (just "in case" he slipped and fell). It was pure bliss when he leaped into the puddles making a big splash. Cars slowed down as they drove by, drivers shaking their head and smiling. (Probably wishing they could do the same).

    After walking the dogs I promised him lunch out. He insisted on wearing the same outfit (including helmet). The only problem came when he tried to figure out how to get the burger in his mouth with the face gear on his helmet.

    One mom asked how I could let him go out in public (I suspect she thought he had nothing on under his raincoat). I said he's happy, proud and the majority of his body is covered (except his knees), who am I to argue? A few kids thought he was pretty cool once they saw him blissfully leap into the big rain puddles and NOT get into trouble.

    Sometimes different is cool.

  9. PS--My 9yo thinks Max is pretty cool. He loved the headband. PLUS he really enjoyed Max's Halloween costume from last year..."Isn't that car wash Max?" I told him now he's "purple spaghetti Max."

    (I still think you should have gotten him the purple Crocs. Purple is cool. Plus it is the color of royalty--historically purple is the most expensive color dye to make.)

    Oh and my son wants to know if you are all going to come down to the Jersey boardwalks this summer as he'd love to take him to the waterpark & boardwalk rides.

    My son is familiar with social standards and obsessions being on the autism spectrum/Asperger's. He said if he saw Max with his purple bandanna & "I am spaghetti" headband, he'd likely respond "I am speed" with a big smile (a la Lightning Mc Queen).

    Don't worry, Max is cute and we notice that first.

  10. Hi Ellen,

    EM always wears New Balance shoes,
    except when he goes swimming. NB is the only shoe that accomodates his orthotics.

    NB makes a very supportive sneaker
    style # KJ632SPY, in silver with purple and red trim. Perhaps Max would like a pair ?

  11. We just got some hand me down clothes for my daughter. Inside was one sock with Dora on mate. So for the past week my daughter has had one sock on her foot...until the day it was hot and we were going to the fair. I told her she was wearing her flipflops so the sock wouldn't work. She wore it on her hand instead....


  12. Oh, wow, I am so grateful for these spaghetti ideas! He actually does not like meatballs, but I can definitely make him a spaghetti with sauce cake! The spaghetti ice cream seems maybe a little more ambitious (which should tell you a lot about my culinary skills) but I'm game.

    Julia: You got millinery skillz? Wow! The people who don't smile at Max tend to be other kids. They stare. He doesn't notice.

    GRV and Andrea, your stories made me smile. And, yes, our kids should hang! No more trips to boardwalk this summer, alas. Max would most definitely respond to any kid who said "I am speed!" to him. He is obsessed with all things Lightning McQueen!

    EM's Mom, I will go check out the purple sneaks! Max wears Hatchbacks with the DAFOs, I had no idea NB sneaks would fit them. Ones with PURPLE, no less.

    Faith, so funny about Beatles and Elvis! He has good taste!

  13. LOL! What AREN'T we letting our kids get away with? That is the question! Adorable story!

  14. @Ellen...I don't sew, but I do knit! I don't think it would be difficult to make at all, if you think he would wear it. Some kinds are funny about hats, though. I spent WEEKS knitting. Emmet an awesome robot hat. He refused to wear it, but carried it around all winter. *sigh*

  15. i love this! way to go max! :-)

  16. Julia: Honestly, who knows with Max. He is not a bit hat fan but a SPAGHETTI hat fan? Maybe. You are awesome for even thinking up that!


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