Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to our Florida vacation!

Sanibel Island and Captiva Island are exquisite in a very untouched, natural sort of way. We're at South Seas Island Resort, which has 330 acres. It is both spectacular and kid-friendly, a rare combination. Here's Sabrina, going for her morning jog.

The part of the resort we're staying at looks out on a harbor.

We spent most of the day hanging at one of the pools. Max splashed around like a maniac. He's getting very good at kicking, I hope he can swim someday.

He always likes to try on Dave's sunglasses...

...and my hat. I know, it's large. I get burned to a crisp if I'm not careful.

Sabrina wanted to know why everyone doesn't wear a bikini, like she does. She still has that adorable little-girl pot belly, and it looks great in a bikini. Why doesn't that work when you're a grownup?

Dave and I love to travel. We used to do lots more before we had kids, it's one thing I miss from pre-parenthood. We hiked in Patagonia, Chile, drove around Ireland, honeymooned in Bali. One of our favorite trips ever was a cruise we took in Alaska's Glacier Bay. We saw whales, dolphins, seals, puffins, black bears, you name it. If you ever go, choose a small cruise ship, not one of the biggies. The one we went on is out of business, but Cruise West is supposedly good.

What's your all-time favorite vacation?


  1. You know, not that I don't absolutely love my children and hanging out with them, I will have to say that my all time favorite was when Tony and I went to Mexico September '07. We accidentally did things a little backwards and found ourselve pregnant with Jonathan in the beginning of our courtship...oops! So we have no clue really what life is like without our children. And Mexico was the first time ever that Tony and I could sit back and worry about eachother, thats it. And it was amazing. Totally stress free. Neither of us had been to Mexico before, and it was my first time out of the country (besides Canada). It was beautiful. We swam with dolphins, snuba (like scuba, but you are connected to floating air tanks, so no certification) dove with a gazillion fish and sea turtles on a coral reef, at a ton of REAL Mexican food...I could go on and on. Best of all, we got to truly enjoy eachother...alone. We were supposed to go back every single year, but Victoria put a damp in our 2010 is probably the next time we will return...let the countdown begin!

  2. oh I am jealous...I would love to be somewhere warm right now!

    One of my favorites was going to hawaii with Bob...It is just beautiful there!

    A would love to go on a great family vacation like I did as a child though...I loved doing all of our vacations as a child. We didnt do anything exotic...normally we went somewhere along a beach. We had a lot of fun where ever we were.

  3. Ah, lovely pictures, Ellen! Glad you and yours are enjoying!

  4. Oh my gosh how fun! I'm so glad you guys get to go have a break! Hope the kids loved their xmas and that you are enjoying.
    And thanks for the well off post - it really got me thinking, and I feel the same way! Nathan isn't really doing much but I still feel well off because he is alive and so very happy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Ellen,
    It looks like such a beautiful place for a break! I am envious!

    My fave hol these days is ANY hol that I can spend away from home with nothing much to do but have fun! In the long gone days before children, I was a total travel bunny, so it's hard for me to choose the best holiday - but prob the 12 month round the world working holiday that I took after uni. It started on your fine shores exploring the USA (including a stint living and working as a nanny in Rhode island), took me through Europe and then across Africa - Never had so much fun in my life!

    Anyway, back to reality - gotta go and dishes now....boohoo!

    Enjoy the sun!!!

  6. Great pictures - it looks beautiful and looks like everyone is having fun. Sabrina looks great in a bikini! And you're right - why doesn't the little pot belly work on us older girls :)

    We love to travel too and have been lucky enough to have had some amazing holidays. If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be our honeymoon to France. It was our first trip together and just such an amazing place - with great food!

  7. WOW that is so beautiful!! Looks like a great time.

  8. We haven't done family vacations yet. We're waiting just a little longer before we start.

    As for little girls and their pot belly's...I'm jealous. I should look as cute as that with mine!

  9. Have a great vacation. I am a bit jealous of the warmth and the ability to swim in an an outdoor pool. I also do really love being in the snow and hearing Elizabeth squeal as she rolls around in it. A vacation gives you all that you can ask for. Merry Christmas.


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