Thursday, December 25, 2008

5 things you never knew about Max

Baby Max.  Yum!

Today's guest post is by my sister, Judy, who is a blissfully blog-free human being, a genius accountant (and I'm not just saying that because she does our taxes), an amazing aunt to Max and Sabrina, and a caring sister. And did I mention she's a genius accountant?

Hi. Happy holidays! I have been reading the blog and all the comments every day and it has given me a greater insight into Max's life and Ellen's life, too. I go to visit Max every chance I get. He is my true love (yes, my husband knows about this and doesn't mind). Some stuff you may not have known about him:

1. He gives the best kisses.

2. He knows just how to push Sabrina's buttons—he may have trouble using his hands, but he is amazingly adept at pulling her hair.
3. His middle name is "Grant."

4. He is very smart and knows what he wants (and doesn't want). He wants: Ice-cream, toy trucks, playing in the snow. He doesn't want: Brushing his teeth, sleeping in his own bed, vitamins.

5. He can win his way into anyone's heart with his smile. OK, maybe you knew that.



Thanks for sharing!