Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I need a pre-vacation vacation

Captiva Island, here we come!

So, wow, thanks again for all the smart musings yesterday on having a third child. Lots to think about during vacation, which starts Wednesday. The plane ride to Florida will probably make me regret ever having kids in the first place. I'll be blogging from there, and I also have some exciting guest posters lined up, including Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton and Mother Teresa, speaking for the first time from the great beyond.

I am in that frenzied stage right before you go away when there are a bazillion things to do and more just seem to crop up every minute. Like, at 7 a.m., we are refinancing our mortgage (check out those rates, people)! I am making them come to the house so we can sign papers here, don't ask me how I bullied them into that, but I did.

I still have all those little-but-crucial things to pack, from Max's seizure medication to the DVD recharger plugs. Now, this is not a blog where you will find household/domestic tips (if you ever do see how-tos for cooking or housecleaning, call the police immediately, because it means someone has kidnapped me and taken over my blog). But I am pretty proud of myself for this packing idea I had a few years ago: When I put away the kids' summer stuff, I shove it into a suitcase so we're good to go if we head someplace warm in the winter. Take that, Real Simple.


  1. I am probably the world's worst packer and dread the process whenever we go away. I spent hours on the phone before our last trip getting approval to take BC's Kaye Walker onto the plane. What a pain. Still, once you get away, all that bother disappears and it's always worth it :-).
    I hope you have a great trip!!!
    Looking forward to reading your holiday blogs!

  2. Have FUN FUN FUN! I could copy your post about a 3rd kiddo word for word (but I won't 'cause that would be stealing, lol!) I plan on bringing the subject to light on my blog soon. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. I can't stand packing! I didn't like it when I was single, it got worse after I got married and now with the baby--oy! It's too much to take, too much to remember, too much folding and organizing! I just don't like it!

    Anyway, Have a GREAT time...I'm unbelievably jealous! I 1)Really want to go to Florida and 2) can't deal with this cold weather!!!!

  4. Have the best time ever, Ellen!! You so deserve!

    :sigh: I too was looking at Captiva and Singer Island this holiday, but... I'll just tap into your blog and it will be just like being there!! : D

  5. That is an excellent packing tip! I'm gonna steal that one.

    Have a great trip and bring me back a tan!!!



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