Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sablog (a "blog" by Sabrina, age 3)

What do you want to tell everyone?

Sabrina: "That I'm going to sleep."

And where are you?

Sabrina: "In Florida."

And what are you doing here?

Sabrina: "I'm, I'm up."

But what are you doing for fun?

Sabrina: "I'm coloring and I want to make up a story and I go in the pool and I have a lot of fun and I play a lot and I go to sleep and, and, and I go to different places and...that's all!"

What did you do on the beach?

Sabrina: "I played on the beach and made a sand castle and...that's all. Now can we go make up a story? I'm waiting...."

OK, let's tell everyone one more thing.

Sabrina: "I go to the beach!"

And let's tell everybody how Max likes his vacation.

Sabrina: "I don't know."

Well, is he eating lots of ice-cream?

Sabrina: "Yes."

And is he playing in the pool?

Sabrina: "Yes. And that's one more thing. Now, can you make up a story?"

OK. Tell everyone good night.

Sabrina: "Good night, I love you."


  1. Sabrina has your exact same SALSA BUTT!!!! So cute!

    Have an ice cream for me!!

  2. Cute. I want to sleep too. I want to build sand castles and wear a bikini that makes my tummy and butt look as cute as hers.

    Ice cream? Yes, Max must be having a blast!


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