Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Confessional: A word from Brad Pitt

Hi there. Ellen lined up some guest posters while she's on vacation, and I was psyched to help. I knew Ellen way back when, before Jen.

I haven't yet told anyone this, but Ellen dumped me. I still think about her.

You know, I missed her post about how many kids to have, but I say the more, the merrier! Six is great!

Ellen's really a babe. And smart. And cool. Angie's almost as amazing as she is.

I'm not sure why Ellen dumped me. I mean, come on, what does Dave have over me?

OK, later.



  1. Thanks for making me piss my pants!

  2. Dave's great and all but I sure miss Brad making us coffee every morning (topless of course) when we lived in hoboken...

  3. You're so funny!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning, even before coffee!

  4. LOL! Can I borrow Brad when I am on vacation??? Can I take a vacation?? I really want one. You give me hope that life can return to some sort of normalcy


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