Thursday, September 9, 2021

Just the usual back-to-school chaos. Yay!

Last September, there was no actual back to school—Max did virtual schooling until March, when he was fully vaccinated. So BTS this year, with all its do-they-have-shoes-that-fit-did-I-fill-out-all-the-forms-need-to-reload-that-Covid-testing-app-OMG-forgot-to-pack-backup-clothes-what-kind of-cool-snacks-should-I-give-them hustle and bustle was kinda sorta a relief.

I'm more nervous than I was last spring because of the variants and how contagious they are, but grateful that the vaccine significantly reduces the risk of the worst side effects. I'm also grateful that Max puts up with wearing a mask. Also: I have worried so much this past year about all the things that I've grown kinda numb to it.

When Max came home from school and I asked how the day went, he gave a typical teen answer: "OK." 

"Just OK?" I asked.

"It's not Los Angeles," said he, the place where he'd rather be. 

At least he had the hat. 

Wishing all of your children and excellent start to their school year and much sanity to you!

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  1. Congrats on the first day of school. It’s now in the history books. And love Max’s honest teenager responses. :-) Here’s to a successful rest of the school year for your family.


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