Monday, April 15, 2019

Dance like you just don't care

Turns out that if you stand outside the theater where the Paw Patrol show is taking place and buy tickets on StubHub about five minutes before it starts, you can get fourth-row seats for an amazing deal, which is what happened to Dave and the boys yesterday. (I got to stay home and spring clean—exciting!) Originally Dave was just going to take Ben, but then Max really wanted to go. Dave's not quite sure which one of them enjoyed it more.

At first, Max was a little meh. Ben, meanwhile, was so awed all he could do was sit there and stare, clutching a pom pom that had been handed out in one hand and his ticket from the train in the other.

By the second act, Max was into it. "I love this show!" he declared. Dave got the boys cotton candy and Ben fed some to Max. Ben remained glue to his seat, occasionally checking in with Dave to make sure the show wasn't yet over. Meanwhile, Max walked over to the stage and danced. A bunch of kids were nearby dancing, too.

Dave told me all this afterward. I wasn't surprised about Max. He does not have much self-consciousness. Sometimes, it's an issue—when Max gets overwhelmed by crowds or din, he's been known to roar (yes, roar), and doesn't care who hears (everyone in the restaurant). But in general, this lack of awareness about what other people think works for him. It means he doesn't notice if people stare. It means he is free to be his own Max self.

I'm glad for this lack of self-consciousness. I do realize that if Max had more of it, it would mean he'd developed advanced awareness—and that would be amazing. But then, he might also notice the way people look at him and the remarks some occasionally make (or the offers to pray for him). But then, wouldn't he'd have more wherewithal to advocate for himself? These are the thoughts that swirl through my head.

For now, he's a boy who's happy to go to Paw Patrol with his little bro and dance away. And it's a good thing.

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