Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On doing you on Halloween

Max decided not to dress up for Halloween, which is to say, he wore the firefighter jacket gifted to him by his firefighter friends. Of course it wasn't a costume, because he is Fireman Max.

My fireman couldn't wait to get out of the house to trick-or-treat. He could not be bothered to wait for us, and ran ahead. "All night!" he informed us, as in: I want to party all night long.

Ben could not figure out what was going on. Sabrina went around to just a few houses in her burger costume, then decided she needed to return home and do homework, leaving me to question why I've raised such a responsible child.

That left Dave, me and Fireman Max roaming around the neighborhood, which I loved. Especially because I could remind Max to grab peanut butter cups for me. Holidays like this also make me appreciate about how far Max has come. 

For years, Max was too scared to go to our town's Halloween parade, or even dress up. That was fine with me (although not with everyone). Then he won Cutest Costume for the car wash I made during his car wash phase. Ever since, he's been into Halloween.

Max said "Happy Halloween!" to families we passed. He did a great job of grabbing candy from baskets and dumping it into his bucket (that's me, always looking for OT ops). Max doesn't actually eat candy, but he gets the thrill of grubbing as much as possible. He asked some homeowners if they remembered him as a baby, because he's always curious to know about his history. He asked if we could get the same doorbell a neighbor has that takes a video of whoever rings your bell. He asked if Halloween could be extended for another day.

Somewhere in the midst of the evening, Max decided he was going to say "Happy Holidays!" to people. I translated for the elderly couple sitting on their stoop.

"That works!" the lady said as Max scooped out a bunch of candy. 

And it did.


  1. What's everyone's favorite candy?

  2. I love this! With kids, special needs or not, you totally just got to roll with it and learn to not sweat it. Coming from the mom who has had a turtle for halloween the last three years...


  3. Hello Ellen. Is is because of Max's nut allergy that he won't eat candy?

  4. They all look great. I love the theme between Sabrina's burger and Ben's tomato. In a couple years, he will be able to choose his own costume.

  5. Happy halloween!!!!!!
    Where was ben when sabrina left to go home and do her homework?

  6. Glad you had a great Halloween! We got a huge amount of candy! Wasn't Ben trick-or-treating with you?

  7. Happy Halloween to ALL of you! Enjoy the candy just remember to brush your teeth.

  8. I went trick or treating with some friends of mine, there was three wizards, a fairy, a knight, a dwarf, and a ninja. Mostly because Alex just came from Tae Kwon Do and still had his robes on. Also yesterday there was a fire truck at my school!


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