Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One question you do not want to ask your kid

Valentine's Day, Max was filled with love...for firefighters. I'd been pysched when he woke up and told me he wanted to make a card, only it turned out he wanted to make it for Firefighter Angelo, his bff at our local station.

Max's speech therapist showed up later that day, with a plan to make cards. Once again, Max wanted to declare his love for firefighters (this time, Ed, too). And fire trucks. Oh, and Chicago.

Hey, I'm not taking this personally. I appreciated this armchair-shrink comment from a Facebook reader: "Well, his firefighter love is, in a way, an extension of your love for him and his for you. It's what gives him the opportunity to explore and enjoy his love of all things firefighter."

Dave, however, regularly asks for trouble. At least once a day, the following exchange takes place at our house:

Dave: "Max, who do you love more—Daddy or Fireman Angelo?"

Max: "AN-GE-LO!"

Dave: "What?!"

Max: [Evil cackle]

I am so not going there.


  1. He sounds like I did at his age! Max is truly a wonderful kid! Oh and I loved his video on Facebook too... I can see he's really excited to visit Chicago, I love going to Chicago too!

    1. Excited to the point of talking about it every 10 minutes!

  2. Fireman Max-You better not make Daddy too mad because he is the one taking you to Chicago.

  3. Is Max Joking? I hope he's joking...

  4. Love it....I recently had a very touching moment with my son when he gave me a spontaneous, gorgeous big hug. I said "I love you, Finian". His reply? "I love Ford Focus B Max". It's good to know my place XXX

  5. I attended my son's Valentine's Day party at school. Near the end of the party, the teacher let us know that the kids had made Valentine's Day cards for their parents and we could get them off of the bulletin board in the hallway. I glanced at the cards to find Thomas' and smiled when I read the inside. It said "I love you because you are so cute" (actually, it was more like "I love you [garble] u r so kut."). My heart melted, but then I reached to take down the Valentine and saw the he addressed it to his teacher. Seriously kid, seriously? There are sixteen kids in the class, fourteen kids wrote notes to their moms, one to their dad, and one -- my kid -- to the teacher. She laughed and apologized when I brought the card in to her. She said that she tried to convince him to make a card for me but he didn't want to. It's okay. I am glad that he loves his teacher enough to make her a card (actually several), but where's the love for me, kid? :)

  6. Haha. I have been slipping in I love you at all available opportunities, hoping and waiting for something back. She finally said it spontaneously a couple of weeks ago in the bathroom. I turned to her, all of a flutter, to realise she was actually talking to her dress! Ah well, it will come no doubt.


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