Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How not to pack for Disneyland

Do not let your Cars 2 obsessed child start packing three months before your trip to Disneyland.

Do not let him toss every single piece of Cars 2 clothing he owns into a Cars 2 tote bag, along with practically every Cars 2 gadget and toy. (Although it's fine to marvel, if has fine-motor-skill challenges, how well he's grasping and releasing the stuff he threw in there.)

Do not get him a new Lighting McQueen roller suitcase a few weeks before you go, or he will transfer everything from the tote bag into the suitcase and then proceed to wheel the suitcase around everywhere, including but not limited to public restroom stalls that can barely fit the two of you though he will insist the suitcase must come inside.

Do not creep into his room after he's asleep at night and attempt to extract some clothes so the suitcase will be lighter for him to wheel on your trip, because he will hear you and his eyes will fly open and he will instantly realize what is going on, despite the fact that it is pitch dark. And he will wail in despair and outrage and you will curse the day Pixar came around.

Do not argue with him about packing the Cars 2 pillowcase, it's futile.

Do not argue with him about packing the Cars 2 comforter, just keep changing the subject.

Do not argue with him about packing the Cars 2 stuffed Lightning McQueen, which is approximately the size of a chubby toddler. Just say that perhaps Daddy will put it in his suitcase.
Do not torture yourself by buying a Cars 2 Photo Finish Bath Set, hiding it in the top of your closet, and endlessly debating whether it's worth packing or not. Just pack it, you enabler, you.

Do not despair when you discover he has outgrown the Cars 2 bathing suit tops you got him last spring, just replace them with some other swimsuit top and be grateful the trunks still fit, more or less.

Do not let your other child Google "Disneyland store" and ultimately discover a 10-minute YouTube tour of the store so that she can start pestering you for stuff before she's even arrived.
Do not let your child leave his Lightning McQueen suitcase right by your front door so you trip over it every time you leave and/or crash into it when you walk in. 

Trust me on this.


  1. I know exactly what you mean...

    My stepson is in love with his lightning McQueen toys, blankets, storage and everything that has to do with him. It's a real hassle that Pixar has created for us, hasn't it?

    Does anyone have solutions? If so, how effective were they? Any recommendations?

    1. In my experience, there is no known cure for obsessions like this (over the years, Max has been obsessed with the color purple and car wash, among other things). You just have to let them pass. Car wash obsession was far more expensive!

  2. I love it - to me it shows that he is truly excited about his upcoming trip and just wants to make sure to pack and bring all his favorite things with him, although that may not be totally realistic.

  3. Ha Ha ha! Can't wait to hear about your trip! I know you guys are gonna have a GOOD time!!! xxoo

  4. Ellen....
    Do you speak from experience? ;)

  5. When are you goingto Disneyland? Have fun!

  6. I love band and we will take a trip soon. Should I obsess over flute music on the way?

  7. So, thanks for the laugh! #ilovemax!!!

  8. A tip for while you are in Disney. Prior to going goto the dollar store and buy Disney branded stuff then give them that stuff rather than spending a fortune on suviniors

  9. Max is going to be OVER THE MOON when you get there. Cars Land is SO realistic and cool!

    1. I can't wait to see his reaction!!! This is like going to the Promised Land.


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