Friday, October 18, 2013

Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-Up: At your service

It's the Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-Up, back in operation, just like our government. Yeah.

The idea

Link to a favorite post of the week—yours or someone else's.

What to do

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post. Where it says "Your name" put the name of the blog followed by the title of the post (or just the name of the post, if there's no room—you get 80 characters).

Like this: Love That Max: Can Someone Ask My Mom To Stop Kissing Me So Much?

Where it says "Your URL" put the direct link to the post.

Click "Enter." Leave a comment if you want to say more. Go check out some great posts.

Happy linking!


  1. I love this linky. My post this week is telling our nearly-six-year-old that there is a name for why her lovely little brother can't do some things: cerebral palsy.

  2. Last week, I shared "What SN Parents Don't Want to Hear" and received lots of great comments and feedback. This week, I'm sharing "What SN Parents Want to Hear". Two sides of the same coin! Hope you might be able to share these with a friend to help them interact with you and your family!

  3. My daughter has this magic touch, where my heart just drifts away in her hands. Come on, I have to be a stronger Dad than that. Dad's, I know you know what I am talking about. Mom's, you know how weak we are all too well. What can I say, I got Daughterized!

  4. Lindsey and Nick (both have varying special needs) just celebrated their first anniversary. In honor of their special day, they gave me eleven ways they've had a happy first year of marriage. It wasn't easy. But they have finally found a balance. It's such wise advice, I'm sharing it with all of you.

  5. Thanks again! This week I've posted in my blog the link for an amazing new survey about disability and abuse. It breaks down types of disabilities and types of abuse (physical, verbal, sexual, financial) and, while some of it is difficult to read, it gives great information on how to protect your loved ones with disabilities and how to teach them to protect themselves. A definite must-read!

  6. Thanks, Ellen! Dexter's post this week is a 'happy Mum moment' one. Dexter's starting to make real progress with his mobility walker and this post includes a video of him 'walking'. So there, cerebral palsy! Happy weekend, everyone. #43

  7. I'm a day late in the game, but I just added my entry (My date with Weird Al). I broke away from the spirit of my blog (following the adventures of my boys but also covering other issues important to me) to brag about my going to see Weird Al in concert. I know this post has nothing to do with special needs, but it was important to ME to get away for a night and do something I really enjoyed, and that I did. I promise that future posts and link-ups will be more in tune with what your blog and mine are all about. :) Thanks!!!

    1. It's important for parents (children with special needs or not) to take time for THEMSELVES! So I'd say this is pretty relevant to this bloghop! :) What you said about not wanting to spend money on yourself, especially for something "frivolous" - hit home. It helped me to realize it IS okay for me to do that... I feel guilty over just getting two $1 McMuffins!!!

  8. Pediatric Safety: The Magic of Motivation is my latest guest post for a great website dedicated to keeping kids safe. Thanks, Ellen!!

  9. Girl with down syndrome was on the halloween episode of Good Luck Charlie- she had a long scene- it was awesome!


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