Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sabrina's 6th birthday party: "Awesome!"

Birthday Girl decided to dress for the occasion in her usual outfit of choice: one short sleeve t-shirt, one pair of Max's pants.

I was never able to do a split, so I guess there's a chance she's inherited my split-less-ness.

Max asked me to put these two together so he could do his version of the balance beam. Give that boy a 10!

I would have loved to know what they were plotting.

I think we need to get a big trampoline for the backyard. I'd definitely share it with the kids. Sometimes.

With her bff.

Me: "WOULD YOU PLEASE HOLD YOUR BROTHER'S HAND FOR 1 SECOND? PLEASE?" Smart-aleck kid in background: "One second is done!"


She loved the ice-cream cake, although we somehow managed to lose SpongeBob. Even more tragic: I didn't get a piece. Not fair!!!


  1. Ice cream cake? I'm so jealous! Happy birthday Sabrina! Glad you had an awesome time at your party! :)

  2. Happy birthday Sabrina, the party, photos and cake looked awesome! Your kids are so cute. Love Mel

  3. Happy Birthday to Sabrina! Both your children are adorable, and they've grown so much since I first started reading your blog!

  4. Happy Birthday Sabrina! Looks like she had a blast. :) Somebody needs to go find mommy a piece of cake!

  5. Gymnastics parties are the best! Six is my favorite age so far. Enjoy. :)

  6. Happy birthday to the bold, brave, brilliant and beautiful Sabrina!

    OMG, they are growing up so fast! Look at how LONG and lean they both have gotten in what seems like a second! It's as if they've both grown a half a foot overnight!

    Sabrina's doing fine on those splits--heck, I couldn't even get that far, and I was an athlete of sorts (killer hitter/pitcher in softball--couldn't field to save my life, though!) in my misspent youth!

    Great party--beautiful kids! They get cuter by the day!

  7. Happy Birthday Sabrina! Love her birthday outfit. We went through that stage (for a lonnnnng time) too!

  8. Wow, that looks so fun there!!! Happy Birthday to Sabrina!

  9. Wow -- everything looks fabulous!~ Glad to hear it was such a wonderful day.

  10. Your photos are SO GOOD! I know from experience that photographing kids in motion is hard, so good work :). I like the trampoline idea, but word of caution, I think home insurance companies really don't like them. My best friend growing up had one and they had to get rid of it because the insurance company threatened to cancel her family's policy. It was tragic.

    Also, happy birthday Sabrina!!!

  11. hee hee i love it and happy birthday sabrina but be warned of the trampoline notion. I went on my friends kids 3 months after giving birth to busby!! the trampoline was a lot more taut than my pelvic floor and i will say no more than that!!

  12. Felicia, that is Sabrina exactly: bold, brave, brilliant and beautiful. Only "partly-obnoxious" and "attitude-adjustment-needed" don't neatly fit in there. :)

    It really was a super-fun party.

    Beatrice, the secret to my photos is I take at least a gazillion, so I can hope to have just several good ones! I actually got a new camera for a present that has been sitting in my bedroom for, no exaggeration, six months. It is far less idiot-proof than the camera I currently use, which is exactly why I haven't opened it, as I don't have time to learn how to be a non-idiot photo taker.

    And Elizabeth and Felicia, yes, they are getting bigger. I am clinging to Sabrina's last little-kid bits, like her pudgy hands and the way she still says "froat" for "throat" and "renemeber" for "remember."

  13. Happy belated Birthday to Sabrina! Looks like she had a great time at her party. So sorry you didn't get a piece of the cake. I heart ice cream cake!

  14. very unique idea.thanks for sharing...she is very lovely.happy belated!

  15. I have never had an ice cream cake, but I want to have one so badly.


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