Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Max hockey jersey cure (thanks, NJ Devils)

I went to sleep filled with guilt. Then Max trotted into our bedroom at 4 am, and I plopped him down next to me. He gave me a little wave and said, "Hi!"

Heart-melt moment #1.

Sabrina woke me up at 6:45 with the rallying cry of, "MOMMY! I DIDN'T MAKE PEE PEE IN MY UNDERWEAR!!!" Then she shouted, charmingly, "DADDY!!! GET UP OR I'LL MISS MY BUS!!!" Clearly, we need to clue her in to using a morning voice. Meanwhile, Max spotted Dave's NJ Devils jersey lying on a bench in our bedroom. He gestured at it, and Dave slipped it on.

"AH-EEEE" Max said, the first time we've ever heard him say "hockey."

Heart-melt moment #2.

"You want to go to a hockey game?" Dave asked.

"YEAH!!!" said Max.

"OK!" said Dave.

Some of you may not appreciate the team, but you've just gotta love the spirit.

Then Max wanted to get off the bed and he started pretending he was moving around a hockey stick (he'd tried it at that family camp weekend). The jersey was so long on him it reached the floor.

"Max, you look like you're wearing a dress!" I said.

"YEAH!!!" said Max. Ooooooooo-kay.

"Max, you want to play hockey?" Dave asked.

"YEAH!!!" said Max.

Heart-melt moment #3.

We're going to try to make both happen. And get Max a kid-size jersey. And teach him to say "Go, Devils!"

I went to work with a pretty happy heart.


  1. I'm glad the heart moments melted the guilt away.

    I hate guilt -- I wish there was an easy cure.

    Go Max Go!

  2. Wow Max! I loved this post. I could almost feel your heart moments. How precious.

  3. LOVE hockey. They do have sled hockey teams too, although I'm not sure how old you have to be to play.

  4. Let's hear it for heart-melt moments!

  5. As Puddy said on Seinfeld "Go Devils!!! You gotta support your team man". No? Just me? Never mind.

  6. The only thing that would be cuter would be Max wearing a Minnesota Wild jersey. Just sayin' ;-)

  7. You so deserved this, after the grief you were heaping upon yourself! Max looks adorable in that jersey.

  8. Oh my word, he looks like a teenager in that picture!

    So glad that you had a good day. I am not surprised that Max melted away your guilt. With that smile and charm, you cannot go wrong!

  9. Look at that smile! Take another look at that photo - you cannot feel guilty if you look at that photo! So cute. The Roc went to his first Devils game last year, we are thinking of going again this year-maybe we'll see you there!

  10. is there a sled hockey team in your area? i have spastic diplegia and have been playing sled hockey for 3 years. there are people with all kinds of special needs on my team

  11. YAAYY Max! What a week! I'm sooo very happy for you too Ellen!
    You've just made my night..more inspiration...thank you.
    :) Rose


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