Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random bits of good news and stuff

Sabrina graduated from pre-K yesterday, and I am still slightly traumatized. Will talk about it more on Monday once I stop bawling over my grown-up baby.

In other Friday news, Max got an iPad from his school, loaded with the communication app the Proloquo2Go. They're letting him trial it. The kids had a screaming fight over who got to use it (Sabrina seems to forget she can talk and Max can't really, or she doesn't care, or a little bit of both). Dave hasn't yet seen it, and being the gadget maniac that he is, he'll probably want to hog it too. Stay tuned.

I have another giveaway going on, which you may have missed: You could win a Sprout Safety First DVD in which fave characters like Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine teach kids about buckling up and wearing bicycle helmets and how not to maim each other when you're fighting over an iPad. OK, not that.

73 percent of kids recently polled by IKEA for its Playreport USA said they'd rather play with their parents than watch TV. Phew.

Honda is sponsoring an iDream Student Challenge for science and engineering students in the U.S., awarding prizes to those who propose the most innovative solutions and technologies. This team of grad students is coming up with a new gait trainer for kids with cerebral palsy. WHAT a worthy project; let's all vote for them!

Ever fantasize about creating a children's book? Here's your chance! Submit your story to the Bedtime Stories Project; one will be chosen and illustrated by artist Bill Nelson. Deadline: Midnight EST on June 30. I can so see Purple Car Wash Spaghetti Max as a children's story, can't you?! Hmmm....

Oh, and the voting for the Parents Connect award I'm up for is open till June 17. I could still use some votes, given that my mother is only allowed to vote once a day. But if you only have time to vote for one thing, please go vote for the students who are creating the gait trainer!

Got something interesting to share? Go right ahead! Have a glorious, ridiculously fun weekend.



  1. I have been feeling really down and just really worthless all day (it's 11.17pm here) and I just wanna say that I tlreally love your blog, and that I'm feeling alone from the other side of the world with you. Thanks for continuing to share your and your family's story. I will definitely vote for you if possible.

  2. That program you have for the ipad is the one our speech therapist suggested. SHe said that was the most correct and most researched stuff instead of ones that people just put together. Ty likes a few of the apps that just have noises and it is interesting to see him want to try.

    Good luck...

    YAY subrina!

  3. Congrats to Sabrina! I did my voting. What a great project. Just one more reason for me to be an OSU fan. O-H-I-O!

  4. Wow! How terrific! I can't wait to see how that works for Max -- it's wonderful how these new technologies are helping children with special needs -- and for much better prices.

    Whatever happened with the chocolate giveaway? Did I miss it? Who won?

  5. I have been voting for you every day since you put up that button on your front page--I hope you win!

    This iPad thingy looks so promising! I went to the link you shared and saw they can even load the software on an iPhone--what a CONVENIENCE, to have that kind of power in your pocket... and this has got to be cheaper and easier to haul around than a Dynavox. Please keep us posted on how the thing performs. I haven't even seen an iPad except on TV, are they all they're touted to be? You've just got to program in the "Pull my (purple) finger" joke...and a fart noise. And maybe even a snip of the "CAR WASH" song! Boys will be boys!

    Of course kids want to play with their parents-- that's ALL they want to do! Tee hee, cancel your cable and you'll see (that's how I figured it out!).

    I love those Honda college kids--what a wonderful project.

    What a wonderful, information-filled post! I don't know how you do it!!! Every day, a great topic!

  6. an iPad trail what a very lucky boy. I voted for iDream team of course super easy to vote too.

    I'm so excited for my chocolate still !!! My kids where telling there friends today that I won them chocolate. Thanks again.

    Congrats to Sabrina my girl graduated too you have to love those milestones.

  7. I know, I'm psyched about the iPad, though the kids continue to do battle over it and now Sabrina wants one!!!

    Elizabeth, yes, I chose winners on Wednesday for the chocolate. Sorry! I will try to find some more to give away, just for you. :)

  8. We are crazy about P2G on the iTouch. It's so easy to program. But remember to back up your vocabulary (or have the school do it).


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