Thursday, March 25, 2010

Really great online activities for our kids

Free storytime: At Storyline Online, actors including James Earl Jones, Melissa Gilbert, Elijah Wood and Amanda Bynes read out loud from kid books. James Earl Jones booming at you from your computer: how awesome is that?!

Free reading help: Starfall helps kids learn to read with phonics; over at Alphabet Printable Activity, you can have all sorts of A to Z fun.

Free occupational therapy (well, the next best thing): OTPlan is an absolutely amazing site with a wide variety of therapeutic activities for kids.

Free books: Enchanted Learning has short, printable books for kids on all sorts of topics. Sadly, they do not have one that teaches kids how to make their parents breakfast in bed.

Got any good ones to add?


  1. I didn't know about Storyline Online. Thank you it sounds like an awesome site.

  2. Wow. These are very cool! There's a great site called TarHeel Reader.

  3. we love enchanted learning and starfall but I haven't seen the other 2 will definitely be checking them out and sharing on the adaptions blog.

  4. is a free online ABA website. ABA learning is usually associated with autism but this site really would be great for any younger child. It is practical, fun and gives lots of praise. It works with colours, shapes, matching, labeling, and lots more. We love it in this house so can definitely recommend it:) Jen.

  5. One of Luke's favorite sites is Zac Browser. A grandfather developed it for his grandson w/ autism. It really is cool.

  6. Starfall was really fun for Monkey Boy when he was learning phonics and reading. The Storyline site sounds like one on the PBS Kids site, which also allows you to make stories. PBS Kids has a lot of fun games for little ones as well.
    I love the OT site! Monkey is between OT's at the moment, since his beloved OT recently retired and the hospital is in the process of hiring a new one. He's also going to be doing constraint induced therapy on his left arm again soon, and I could use some new ideas to facilitate his "Lefty." Thanks again!

  7. Thank you for the awesome info. there's so many things I don't know about. *sigh*

    How is Wallyworld???


    It has games and activities, resources on some disbilities, social skills facial-expression training, a "teacher Toolbox", and the Afloat family favorite, the safety videos.

    Go to "songs and Games", click on "Songs", and choose your vieo. You can watch and listen, and then print out the pages to make a book. My son still sings the songs sometimes as we cross at crosswalks, 2 years after he saw the videos.

  9. I knew you guys would have great suggestions! We are having a blast at D World. Max's favorite thing so far, however, has been the bus from the hotel to here! We still have a few more days, maybe he'll adjust.

  10. Hey, this could leave me feeling less guilty about the whole letting my three year old watch Noggin thing . . . thanks!

  11. Hi, what an awesome site! Thanks for sharing this cool stuff. I found you thru Friday Follow and now I'm following you!

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  12. I was just about to mention Do2Learn and Zac Browser but see others already have. They are great sites.

    At our website we have many free resources for occupational therapy -

    One more to mention is HelpKidzLearn which is a website full on inclusive resources.

    Wait just one more
    I like - for fun ideas and assistive tech for moderate/ severly learning or physically disabled individuals


Thanks for sharing!