Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mom fantasy #9358: a good night's sleep

This photo is from The World's Biggest Bed Jump in May 2009. It was held in London (shown here) and in Shanghai, Paris and New York. This is pretty much how sleeping in our bed feels when the kids are there with us—like there are way too many people.

OK, the winners of the Cloud B Twilight Turtle are Casey, who will no longer have to leave the closet lights on for her kids, and Hippie4ever, whose son will maybe now be inclined to quit cosleeping.

I wish both you and your children a good night's sleep! Thanks again to Cloud B for this giveaway. You can still get 15 percent off Cloud B products through March 18 by using the code MAX-0210. Wow, Max is a discount code.

So, how much sleep do you guys get? I usually crash at around 12:30 (yes, I'm a night owl, but also because I just need time to get it all done) and wake up at around 7 with the kids, but what I really need is seven and a half hours. I get that on the weekends but mostly, I'm indebted to coffee.

And you?


  1. I go to bed around 11 and am up (depending on the day) any where from 3 am to 7.... Yes.. we have sleep issues. Lately Ty comes into our room around 3 and he will sleep in my bed with his dad while I take refuge on a air matress in his room.

    My birthday wish is one night, in a nice comfy hotel bed( or my bed.. whatever works) ALONE, with an ambien and blinds that don't let in any light for 12 hours.... Nice wish huh!

  2. I'm a night owl, too -- bed around midnight and up at 7. We had years and years and years of little sleep with Sophie but have now worked out a bit of a schedule, taking turns sleeping with her. I once wrote an essay (a chapter in my book) called A History of Sleep.

  3. Alexandra says

    Oh,what I wouldn't give for a solid 8 hrs of sleep....

  4. Hard to say how much sleep I get. It varies. If I am working a late shift, I am up half the night until just before dawn, and I don't get any sleep till school starts. If I am working an early shift, I sometimes stay up way too late because I'm too used to working nights. I probably make do with about six hours in a 24 hour period four days a week, and at least one day a week I do a ten hour marathon (often at my parent's house, when we're over there for a weekend dinner/sleepover).

  5. I usually crash around 11:30 and then wake around 2 or so to check on Faith and then around 5 when she wakes up...from there she goes in our bed since Carl wakes around 6am. Then I usually am up for good around 7:30ish....Sheesh, that sounds aweful doesn't it?

  6. I would have loved to jump in that big bed. I'm very tempted to jump on mine at times.

    I have a hard time getting a restful sleep through the night.

  7. Max goes to bed around 9:00, and we follow soon after...but that's only because he'll yell from the other end of the house for us to go to bed if not. We go into our room and fold laundry from the day, and read, and be on the computer.

    Max doesn't go to sleep solidly until about 11:30. And I trail off around midnight. The past 3 nights, he's been awake until 3 am though.

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  9. Have you seen the titile of my blog?:)

    I usually turn in between 10:30 and 11:30, depending on when the husband gets home and when the kids go to sleep. Lately, E. has been pushing 9:30-10:00. If the baby sleeps through, I'm good until the husband gets up at 5:00 to start his day. Sometimes this wakes the baby, who has gotten used to 5AM on weekends sometimes too. If not, I go back in for another 45 minutes till she or E. is up for the day. And there are no naps.

  10. Coffee doesn't even work for me anymore... :(

    I seem to be constantly tired and worn out. But I go to bed around 10ish and wake up at 6. Although, Avery has just recently been sleeping through the night... just in time for the baby to arrive. Perfect.

  11. I bought the turtle twilight for my twins! It's so neat!!!! Thanks for the tips!!!


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