Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So, what are you doing for Father's Day?

This is what I bought for Dave over the weekend—a customized Sigg water bottle, for $31. Not exactly a bargain but I know he'll use it, it's healthy and it'll last! (Enter the coupon code CBB2009 at checkout for $3 off, it expires 6/22.) I'm also going to paint some pictures for him with the kids.

In prior years, I've gotten Dave a personalized photo calendar from Kodak Gallery, that's been a big hit. I just checked and calendars are $19.99 minus 25 percent with the coupon DADDYO (through June 22), so I may have to do that, too!

What are you guys planning on doing for the dads in your life?

BTW, tomorrow I will post the completed Bill of Rights for Parents of Kids With Special Needs. I included everyone's suggestions, just edited out some overlap. I am so proud we did this!


  1. I love the water bottle idea -very cute.
    We actually haven't done any Father's Day shopping yet. I'm taking Daniel to the mall tomorrow to pick something out while Daddy is at work. He's also been working hard to memorize a very cute Father's Day poem to recite. I think I might film it and put it on a DVD.

  2. We'll be spending the day spoiling Grampa--the kids will probably take a picnic and go fishing with him in the morning, and Mom and me will fix up his favorites for supper (which are all fatty and nasty and delicious, that he can't have very often because his doctor wants him eating healthy). We'll have a cake and presents, of course, and then we'll probably watch a movie! The boys will stay over, and I'll head out to work.

    It's the same old routine, often as not, but we do love the familiarity of it all, and being together is the best part of all.

  3. I got Mike the new UFC game for play station 3, but he found it, and now he won't come out of his man cave!!!!

  4. Thanks for the idea! I copied you and got this for Big Dude also! He is excited to get it!


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