Friday, April 17, 2009

Genius inventions for kids with special needs

I've posted before about helpful stuff for kids with disabilities. But nobody knows better what our kids need than we do—and some of us have actually found time to create them.

Shannon is selling this adaptive belt at her Etsy shop; you only need to use one hand to close it. It's got just one ring, and utilizes Velcro. She can make them in all kinds of fabrics. So cute, right?

Stacy, Evan's mom, recently started making cool bandana bibs for kids who drool—much more grown-up looking than baby bibs. They're lined with plastic, for absorbency. I've ordered six. Leave a comment on her blog if you're interested.

Melanie makes these felt crowns —modeled by world-famous supermodels Max and Sabrina—to pay for her son Daniel's ABR therapy. They are really well-made, durable and just plain adorable. There's a light pink one with boa trim that I may just have to get for myself.

Happy weekend! Hope you're doing something fun, and maybe even getting some time for yourself (I can practically hear all of you laughing). Max's first baseball game is on Sunday, I can't wait!


  1. This post put a smile on my face! I love that velcro belt, so cool. What I'm looking for now (with view to school starting in fall)are coats with velcro-only fastening. I mean, who _doesn't_ have problems with zippers that seem to get caught all the time?

  2. Just a note... Per my martial arts... On the velcro belts. Though, I wish my students, even my youngest (7 years old) to learn to tie there obi (belt) in order to get promoted... IF I had such a child like Max, there ARE martial arts belts that are now velcro closing... :-)

    I would make an exception for any disabled students as needed.

  3. Excellent inventions! Thanks for showcasing them. :)

  4. Thanks for highlighting these awesome inventions from some special parents. Been eying a crown for Fletcher for some time now.

    Looking forward to a run-down of the baseball game... how fun!

  5. I love the belt, and I love the fact you share this stuff once in awhile. I am a new special needs mom, and it's so wonderful to have tips from you guys.

  6. I so want a pink boa crown!!!! My birthday is in August!!!!


  7. Great stuff. We may need some of those bandanas in the future!

    I am so happy that Max is playing baseball! Hanging out at the ball field is one of my favorite passtimes (spelling?)

  8. Those are great! I don't know of any parent-created inventions we use around here for Connor, other than his toilet, which is one of those booster high chairs I took an electric saw to.

    I may have to pick up a couple of those bandana bibs!


  9. I can see that belt coming in handy at some point down the road!!!

    Good to know what is out there! Thanks!!!

  10. All hail the inventors of velcro!!!

    Thanks for sharing Ellen!

    I hope Max's baseball game went well! Looking forward to a report ;-).

  11. Thanks for sharing the bibs I made for Evan and the other things. It is great to see what can be done. If anyone is interested in the bandanna bibs please email me at
    Thanks again Ellen


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