Thursday, August 1, 2013

A little potty problem, a softie solution

"Mommy, I'm do-ooone!"

It's a refrain heard commonly around our house. At 8 years old, Sabrina still wants me to do bathroom duty. In other words, she likes me to wipe her butt. 

"Sabrina, you're old enough to take care of yourself!" is the other refrain heard commonly around our house, because I typically refuse. We'll go back and forth a few times, and then she'll call "Dadddddy!"  and try to sweet-talk Dave into it, at which point I'll literally body-block the door and tell him not to cave. But then sometimes I do, because there is only so long you can let your kid hole up inside a bathroom. Talk about sit-ins.

I once asked her why she has an issue with this. "It's gross," she explained, matter-of-factly. Ohhhhh.

It's possible Sabrina is this way partly because she's squeamish and partly because she feels it's her right, given that Max still gets assistance in the bathroom. "You always help Max!" she's pointed out to me. "Yes, honey, but he can't do it alone," I'll say. She knows full well that Max has challenges using his hands, except logic doesn't always work with 8-year-olds.

And then: I got invited to the SocialLuxe party, happening when I was in Chicago last week for BlogHer and always a good time thanks to Marie, Jane and AllisonCottonelle sponsored it, and would I like to try out some t.p. and wipes? It just so happens I knew a kid who would. Or so I hoped. Combined, the t.p. and wipes are supposed to give a "fresher" feeling. Perhaps they'd discourage doodie codependency.

A Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care four-pack and refillable dispenser of Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable cleansing cloths arrived in the mail. Sabrina felt the t.p. "Oh-ho!" she said. "Soft! Like a pillow!" It was as if she were in a commercial or something.

I left the wipes on the bathroom sink (the canister is really slim) and asked her to give 'em a go the next time the urge struck. It is amazing how much your life centers around bums once you become a mum, and yes, I think there is a bumper sticker in there somewhere. "Do you want to come in when I try them?" she asked. "NO!" I said, a little too emphatically.

"How were the wipes?" I asked, later that day.

"Amazing!" she said. (See: "as if she were in a commercial or something.")

"So does that mean you'll clean yourself up from now on?"


"And will you yell for Daddy?"

"I'll try not to!"

It's been a few days now, and I have yet to hear "Mommy, I'm do-ooone!" thanks to her new BFFs (Bathroom Friends Forever). She's actually socked the wipes away in the cabinet under the sink because she wants them all for herself—and for once, I'm OK if she doesn't share.

And now, onto the next challenge! Anyone got ideas for inspiring your kids to CLEAN the bathroom?! Or anywhere? I'd really like my house to have that fresh and clean feeling, too. 

Disclosure: Cottonelle provided compensation for this post, but the opinions and bathroom challenges are my own.

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  1. Doodies come from tushies (or tuchases), not from butts or bums. (Butts produce poop. I don't know what bums produce.) I hope you're passing on the proper terminology to Sabrina and Max!

  2. No advice per se, but in an ironic twist of fate the other blog I follow also had a potty post this week. Maybe you can find some inspiration (or at least someone to share potty adventures with) over there:

  3. We picked up flushable wipes when we started potty training our kiddo. I think they're softer on his tender butt, and are great at getting dried flecks off. UGH UGH UGH BUTTS UGH PARENTING IS SO GROSS.

    I happened to talk about this today on my blog, weirdly enough. Huh.

    One problem we've been having with flushable wipes is that so many of them are scented. The anus is delicate and scents can really irritate it, and I remain grossed out that even after washing my hands the smell lingers. Poop is grosser but at least the stank washes off, you know?

    1. Not so weird! See: "Amazing how much your life centers around bums." :) These aren't labeled as scented, there is a very slight one, similar to the usual wipes.

  4. 8 years old is WAY too old to be having your parents wipe for you if you're capable of doing it yourself.

  5. Oh the joys of parenting LOL I am glad your problem is solved :)

  6. This could be my life! My almost 6 year old gets grossed out every time. I'm going today to get these wipes! Lol! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. We have a pack in every bathroom. Everyone loves them. Costco makes it also now under the Kirkland brand, just as good as other brands. Now, if someone would just invent a device to close the door after my son with ASD walks in the bathroom, I would be forever grateful. At my house it is constant "Close the Doooor!!!!!!"

  8. We're not at the point where my son is pooping in a toilet yet but I'll remember this! Thanks!

  9. Just note - "flushable" wipes don't generally break down very quickly and are notorious for clogging home and city sewer pipes :).


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