Sunday, January 16, 2011

We are so married (and other updates)

As you can see, Dave and I got each other the same exact cards for our anniversary. This can only mean one thing: We are SO married. Also, we are both the types to reach for the biggest cards at the card store. Hmmm.

Dave's present was carted away (alive and kicking) by the local exterminator. Felicia, next time we will try your remedies but we had to act fast, given that we were going away and Judy Doodie, kind as she is, wasn't up for babysitting the squirrel, too.

We had a wonderful time at The Water Club in Atlantic City. My threshold of expectations was admittedly low; I just wanted to sleep late in a comfy bed. I only made it till 9:30 a.m., but it felt damn good. Saturday afternoon, we did nothing but lounge near the pool (on the 32nd floor), read magazines and stare out at the view. Heaven. Then we had a memorable dinner at the Borgata's Izakaya Japanese restuarant; sushi is one of my favorite foods, and if I ever die of mercury poisoning I hereby leave this blog to all of you. As well as all the squirrels in our home.

We are not big gamblers, although I'm happy to sit and play blackjack for a couple of hours; Dave prefers roulette. I play the low-end tables, so we still have enough money left to do things like paying people to escort rodents out of our home and getting Max a haircut.

Which we finally did after we got home. I was afraid someone here was going to report us for child neglect.

In other news, Sabrina's developed an interesting habit of hiding under the Snuggie with Max's iPad. But we are on to her.

Hoping you all got some sort of break this weekend, too. Or that at least you had no need to call an exterminator.

When's the last time you and your husband got away for a couple of days without the kids?


  1. LOVE that you got each other the same card! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Wow...I can't believe that it has been 10 year already!!!! Congratulations!!! I was newly and secretly pregnant with Teresa at your wedding, and Scott and I spent the whole night with Karin and Rob...oh, the good memories!!! Plus, we can't forget that AWESOME summer you met Dave... So, glad you got to get away, and enjoy. I wish I could do that, perhaps I will have to rent out Judy Doodie (I can't stop laughing when I see that in print). The same card is a riot, too...I think we need to change it up a bit and get out more often...Chat soon! XOXO Paola

  3. You guys giving each other the same card kills me. We have both given each other cards of a similar theme (being old farts who have a big dream of staying home to watch TV and managing to stay awake) but never exactly the same. But because I have post partum memory loss, I have actually accidentally given the same card to different members of my family - the one with music that says something like "when I think of you . . ." and when you open it up you hear James Brown scream "Whaaaaaooow! I feel good!"

    Um, we don't actually get away together. Possibly this is a bad idea.

  4. Thanks, Anna. Paola, trust me, it's hard to believe, too. I just got sad thinking about Karen and Rob. And Ginger, I think I NEED that James Brown card.

  5. Love that you & your hubby bought the same anniversary card. Too cute. :) Glad that you had a nice time on your brief getaway. You deserve it!!!!!!!! My son is two. We haven't "gone away" yet. In fact, still trying to reschedule a romantic dinner that was supposed to happen on our anniversary.....June 12th. Sigh.....:)

  6. I can't get over how cute Max looks!!! So handsome.

  7. Its pretty darn cute that you two got the same card!

  8. What's a get-away? Haven't had one yet sans kiddo and don't see one in sight.

  9. Glad you had time away.

    Love Max's haircut -- it makes him look older. The same thing happens when I get Luke's haircut.

  10. The fact that you bought each other the same card makes me laugh out loud. At least you both know you liked that card. haha

    Max looks handsome as ever!

    As for the getaway - that is an easy one to answer. My husband and I have NEVER been away by ourselves since my daughter was born. Dates are pretty hard to come by never mind a whole weekend away - that would be heaven!

  11. Go get that pee anyway and spray some of it around the attic as a deterrent for future would-be rodent/tenants--if one guy found his way in your attic, his pals can, and might, follow his trail. Also, look for the hole where he came in, and prune back those branches on the trees that come close to/over the roofline; otherwise you'll be repeating the skittle/scratch/freakout thing in anywhere from a few days to a week! The exterminator might not tell you this because he gets a payday every time one of those little farts makes a fuss!

    How neat that you had a supergood time--there's nothing like total relaxation to recharge those batteries!!!

    Who knew there were Haircut Police in the blogosphere?? Max would look cute in any hair style, from long and shaggy to one of those "fauxhawks!" He's just a cute kid!


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