Sunday, August 8, 2010

I went to BlogHer and all I got was this New York City fireman

OK, it is not entirely factually true that all I got from the BlogHer conference was this New York City fireman. Because I didn't get to bring him home, though I did get some great tips; the pleasure of meeting some of my favorite bloggers in person as well as ones I'm going to start reading; assorted swag (I'll be giving away good stuff this week, excluding the firefighter); and some new perspective on what is missing in my life.

I am too hoarse to give you the whole BlogHer scoop tonight, since you know how hard it is to write when you are hoarse, so I will just share my epiphany on how I realized I definitely need to get out more.

I got invited to the Nikon party. I had heard tell of this party—that it was a great one to go to—though nobody had told me why. I arrived late on Thursday night. There was good food (cocktail franks! ice cones! open bar!) plus a whole table of cameras to lovingly fondle. I chatted with the very nice Lisa from Nikon for a while.

"Did you get a chance to meet the firemen?" she asked.

I thought this was a strange thing to say. If there were firemen there to make sure that the trés chic rooftop of the Bryant Park Grill stayed fire-free, why would I bother them?

I gave her a blank look. "What are you talking about?" I asked.

Turns out the men from the 2010 New York City Firefighters Calendar were at the party milling around. I am evidently too married, too suburban and possibly too pulse-less to have noticed.

Lisa said "Come on!" and dashed in the direction of the guy above, Mr. March. She did a quick photo shoot. After we walked away someone said, "Did you see his abs?!"

Nope. Cause I also hadn't noticed that Mr. March had flashed them.

Mr. March was not part of the little swag bag that we got at the end of the party, which is fine because I don't know how Dave would have felt if I came home with a New York City firefighter or where we would have put the guy or whether we would have had to declare him on our income taxes, but there were some really cozy silver slippers in there. I put them on and they made me extremely happy because, as you all now know, I am so married and so suburban.

Lots more to tell about BlogHer but right now, I seriously need to sleep.


  1. For the record, Dave's reaction to this post was "WHAT?!" Evidently, his pulse is just fine. Also, he has better abs.

  2. SOOOOOO jealous that you got invited to the Nikon party. You've arrived, baby! Fireman has wonderful abs, but what's with that look on his face?

  3. Mama mia, that fireman guy could bring the dead to life! I don't know if that's a hot flash or a cold sweat coming over me! Hooo Eeeeee!!!!

    Did you get his number? I mean, you know, to pass along to your single and widowed buddies???

    Hee hee!

  4. Too funny! He showed us his modeling pictures and well... we saw a LOT more than just his abs.

    Thanks for keeping me company in the elevator so much! It was awesome!

  5. I will take him off your hands, Ellen.

  6. Too cute! (the writing, although Mr. March is quite good-looking as well!) Love the too married, too suburban... Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  7. gosh. You just made me laugh so hard.

    Ellen, I'm wondering, a bloggy friend of mine, Joey, a mother of a hard of hearing 5 yr old, is asking for parents of HOH children to apply to be featured as telling their story as part of a series she's running on being a parent of a HOH child. Her website is Big Teeth and

    I tweeted for her, since she doesn't twitter. Can you RT for her, and let people know?

    Sorry, I guess this comment does the trick, too.

    Thanks! You're the best.

  8. Ok, so maybe the fireman's abs are a bit nicer than Dave's, but Dave is still your one and only!!

  9. Loved meeting you! Damn. I wish I'd met THAT firefighter.

    When you post about the special needs lunch, if you do, can you list the people who were there? I would love to have a full list if you have one.

    By the way, that special needs birds of a feather was the best. Really the best.

  10. Ellen, are you SURE you can't give away the Mr. March?
    And Katy, really, who's looking at his face with those abs?

  11. so looks like you are grabbing his arse...maybe that is the excuse for the look on his face?!?!??!

  12. I have never much worried whether I got invited to the A-list parties -- like, Nate Burkess, whatever. But oh! Next year I am going to put myself out there more if it might lead to getting close to some fireman abs like that.

    Ellen, looking at your blog I'm realizing I met you at last year's BlogHer in Chicago too, right? Both times, I thought, let's keep in touch, and both times, I lost your card. This time I remembered enough about you to Google, though, so here I am!

    Find me at @carriekirby if u are similarly inclined.

  13. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Next year I want a fireman just like that one.

  14. *sigh* Ellen, I'm so bummed I didn't even get to meet you at our BOF (BOAF?) lunch! But, mercy , that's one fiiiiine set of abs there. But, yeah, um, he's young enough to be my son, I think. Oh dear Lord! LOL

    Had I *known* what was in store at that party? I'd have TOTALLY changed my plans to get to NY sooner so I could've been there! Wowza!

  15. OMG. My husband would not have been happy with me if I had my picture taken with him. It's a good thing I didn't.


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