Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Fruit Lady lives on

We're in the car, driving to Sesame Place. Right before we walked out the door, I grabbed a bunch of peaches and plums from a bowl that sits on the kitchen counter. "Everyone needs to eat more fruit!" I announced. And then I thought, wow, I am so turning into my mom.

Growing up, my friends called her The Fruit Lady because whenever they came over, within seconds she'd offer them a piece of fruit. And now, here I was, pushing peaches and plums.

I am generally more like my dad than my mom, so realizing I've picked up some of her quirks amuses me. Like her, I am nutty about keeping the kitchen clean. I don't put top sheets on the bed (Mom: "Who needs the extra laundry?"). I make lots of to-do lists. I must have lipstick on when I leave the house, even if I have on no other makeup. I am a sucker for babies and speak uninhibitedly to them in gibberish. I like hipster undies; mercifully, I did not inherit her house robe gene.

Which quirks and habit have you picked up from your mom?


  1. Love it! Don't we all turn into our moms at some point? I inherited the "have to make sure all the toys and games are back in their places with all the pieces" gene. Can make for a frustrating night of tracking down toy parts.

  2. I wish I could be as wonderful and patient and sweet as my mom! All things in time!

    My mom is a homebody, me too! She loves family gatherings, me too! She loves to cook, me, not so much, but sometimes! She doesn't mind clutter; I mind it, but I tend to accumulate it! She loves her kids with all her heart, me too! She puts up with my dad, who has his faults but has a gentle heart--and she's smart enough to see that. She's so wise!

    What would we do without our moms? They're the ones we can depend upon to truly-always-forever love us, unconditionally, even when we're at our worst..! I can't tell you how many times my mom has had my back, saved my butt, and been there for me. This isn't to say we've never disagreed about anything, but that's not important in the big picture--what's important is that mom is the one person who is always there if I ask for help. Without fail. That is such a good feeling! As long as I have mom, I am NOT ALONE.

    I have to admit, I just don't get people who say they hate their mothers, or who complain about them viciously, particularly when it is about something totally idiotic ( How DARE "Mother" dress Little Prunella in that AWFUL sweater for School Picture Day! She's MY CHILD!!! I specifically INSTRUCTED that Prunella wear the flowered silk shirt!! Now her life is RUINED!!! --you know, that kind of childish and entirely not-important crap. Such a waste of energy and so short-sighted. All that time spent hating and complaining, while their mama isn't getting any younger. I suppose they will end up with kids who do the EXACT same thing to them...? Poetic justice!

    I work with two girls like that, who "hate momma" for absolutely NO good reason (one of them is "Prunella's" mom--name changed to protect the guilty of course). The crap they get upset about is ridiculous--they're in their late twenties, they need to grow up. One is still complaining about how she didn't get as much love/attention/stuff as her sisters, that kind of junk; like she was singled out in a family of six kids and not much money --sheesh. I try to tell them that they only have ONE mother, but they'll get the spirit and be all boo-hooing at the funerals, I guess. Drama queens! So immature! You can't fix stupid! The moral of the story--Love your mamma while you can!

  3. I have nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger" award. Come accept your award at Have a great day!

  4. I have nothing to add except we went to Sesame Place yesterday, too! We probably walked right past each other at some point!

  5. Sugar, yes, it is inevitable! And it's a good thing! MOSTLY!

    Felicia, yes, I don't know what I would do without my mom. She's gotten me through so much, especially after Max was born.

    Sueberry: Aw, thanks!

    And Karin, was that you who cut in front of me at the teacup ride?! Ha, ha. Small world, eh? Hope you had fun! We had a great time, I'll post about it this week!

  6. as I was dancing in the kitchen the other day to a "Fresh Beat" jam, I realized I picked up my mom's jig, lol!!!!

  7. I correct my older kids' grammar. Scary stuff, lol!

  8. Hello and thank you for this post. It made me realised how much I miss my mother and how much attention she deserves.


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