Friday, December 25, 2009

Welcome to storytime

Hello, friends! Merry X-mas to those of you who celebrate it.

Today, I'd love for us to gather round ye olde blogge fireplace and tell a favorite story about the kids—a fond memory, a funny moment, a time your child wowed you, anything that comes to mind.

Here's a Max story:

Back when Max was two and learning to walk, he'd cruise around our house in his Pony gait trainer.

This is it.

Man, Max could cruise in that thing. He'd do lap after lap around our first floor, his little feet working furiously and awe-inspiringly. At the time, I was hesitant to let him use it outside. I had deep concerns about Max fitting in with other kids in the neighborhood, and I thought it would call attention to his challenges. Looking back, it's hard to believe I felt that way, because now I'm of the mindset that if you don't get Max, there's something wrong with you. But there was definitely a lot of denial going on, issues with my own acceptance of Max's condition that I had to work through.

Eventually, I decided to hell with what anyone thinks. And so one glorious fall day, we took Max outside, plopped him in the Pony, and let him go. We live on a dead end, and soon enough Max was zipping up and down it, his usual big smile plastered across his face. And suddenly, all these kids on our block were racing after him shouting, "LET ME TRY! LET ME TRY!" They thought Max was the coolest thing on wheels ever. Max kept giggling; he knew he was cool, too. Later, a mom told me her kid said he wanted "Max's bike" for Christmas.

BTW, I'd offered up this gait trainer for grabs once before, and it's still available because the person ended up getting another. It's size 0, here are the details. E-mail me at if you'd like it, you'd just have to pay for shipping.

I hope you're all enjoying the family time. We're headed to Vermont!

Now, what story about your child would you like to share?


Photo by phanephotog


  1. Merry Christmas, Ellen! Wow, Max has really come a long way. From a pony walker to running to first base (that's one of my all time favorite videos, by the way) - what an amazing kiddo.
    We gave botox another go on Wednesday. I think I mentioned last year that we had a really bad experience with it since they injected the wrong muscles. Anyway, Daniel sat, unprompted, with his left leg out and completely straight while he opened his presents this morning. He hasn't held it out completely straight in a very long time, since growth spurts had caused his leg to be too tight. He also walked heel to toe out to the living room this morning. I could have cried - OK, I did tear up a bit. It was just about the best Christmas present I could have gotten.
    I hope Max got a lot of purple toys this year. Have a great day!

  2. What a great story!! If we could just let the kids all be kids, what a wonderful world this would be.

  3. Jo, that is AWESOME. Just. Plain. Awesome GOOOO, Daniel!

    Today Max got purple gloves!

  4. that is totally totally awesome. we're all about the color blue right now. enjoy skiing--sending big hugs!

  5. Another great post Ellen! Hope you have a great time in Vermont - I've never made it there and have always wanted to - so I hope you will have some Vermont stories to share!

    Enjoy and stay warm! And yeah for purple - that's my favorite too! Max - would love my dining room - all purple! :)


  6. I just love these stories! Mine is when Faith used her first seeing a baby come out of therapy, last year. It still takes my breath away. So amazing! Merry Christmas!

  7. This one is not so exciting but tonight after all the hubub of the day was dying down and I was reading bedtime stories, my duaghter seemed to suddenly notice she had me all to herself and she turned around in my lap to look at and touch my face and then hug me hard while she laughed and kicked her feet. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  8. Love it! Hope you are having a great time in Vermont! Merry Christmas!

    I was just thinking about Christmas trees and here is a couple funnies about my kids and the Christmas trees. I have pics of Kennedy younger, but we would have to sit her in a chair next to the tree...she would not sit under the tree she was so afraid of touching plants and trees. She would get the most horrified look when she would get too close and would SCREAM if she actually touched one.

    I used to have a minnie mouse decoration with minnie with a little baked good on a tray. Zach loved this decoration. He would pretend to eat the cake all the time. I think he thought it was a tootsie roll as it was just that size and color. It was so funny. Last year he managed to finally break of that tootsie roll!

  9. Hi, Ellen. Just stopped by after reading your comment on my blog. I have spent some time reading your story and getting caught up. Love your story, your blog, your heart, and your honesty! THanks!


  10. Thank you for stopping by Ellen and introducing yourself and allowing me to come here and "meet"Your beautiful boy.Love the story about Max and his gait trainer!Classic and once again,we can learn SO much from the kids,can't we?Zoey will be getting her Rifton Walker soon ... anxious to see what place it will take us all.Most especially Miss Zoey.I look forward to coming by often and checking in on your little corner of the world and getting to know you all better!

  11. We have a pony walker (which Moo can't use) and a croc (which Moo also can't use).

    However . . .

    . . . Moo screams around the house in his powerchair being chased by his two brothers in the pony walker and croc. They think it's a scream and Scrappy evens refers to the pony as his motorbike.

    I wonder what our neighbours think?

  12. A lovely heart warming story.
    And a merry christmas to you all.

  13. That Pony is the exact model I mentioned in my Thanksgiving Day post: unfettered giving. If you do not get a taker here on the blog, I'm sure there is someone in your area to accept it as a donation. A PT-friend of mine (in Dallas) has made mission trips to Cuba with equipment.

    Early walking with supportive equipment is so good for children. The social aspects are near immeasurable. As well as the emotional benefits for the parent - looks like that day was a marker for you as well.

    You help many by posting your family stories here, Ellen. Thank you. Barbara

  14. Oh, what a great story. I love stories like this!

    Merry belated Christmas to you!


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