Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When kids act like little grownups: too funny

It always amuses me when the kids try to say or do grownup stuff. Like when Sabrina or Max clomp around in my shoes or try one of my hats on; when Dave puts Max in the driver's seat and Max pretends to steer the car; or when Sabrina has a word with telemarketers who call.

Over the weekend, we were at my sister Judy's new apartment, it's in a New York City high-rise. She had a balcony, and Max was mesmerized by watching the traffic below. Remember, the kid is obsessed with anything that moves. He's not used to seeing taxis, though, and he was fascinated. We went out for ice-cream that night, and whenever we walked passed someone who'd hailed a cab, Max made a dash for it and attempted to climb in.

That is when I decided it would be fun to teach him to raise his hand (good use of his arm muscles) and say "Taxi!" (good speech therapy). And I did. Max can now hail a taxi! Dave wasn't willing to take one around the block just for kicks, but you can bet next time we're in New York, I'm letting Max hail a taxi and we are going for a joy ride.

Next, I plan to teach him how to cook. And then I am going to show Sabrina how to do our taxes.

What sort of grownup stuff do your kids do that makes you smile?

Oh, and if you didn't read yesterday's post, go check it out, there's a cool giveaway.


  1. It was a long time coming, but I had a beautiful moment with Bratty after swimming one day. She watched as I dried off, then dried her. I put on deodorant, and she managed a tiny dab each side (not keen) and then watched as I squirted a blob of moisturizer on the back of my hand and rubbed it into my face. She held out her hand so I gave her a squirt, and she proceeded to put her hands up to her face, as I had. We were ladies! together.

  2. The story about Max trying to climb into the taxis made me almost spit out my tea! He's such a character.
    Daniel likes to use his toy tools to "fix" everything in the house. What's more is that he acts just like Dan when he does it. If anyone bothers him while he's working, he'll say, "I can't talk now, I NEED to get this finished" Oh, and did I mention that he got into real tools to take apart my new stationary bike last year, and a few months ago took apart the vacuum? Still, it makes me smile when he does something like that.
    And Hammie, what a sweet story! It sort of makes me wish I had a daughter.

  3. My daughter with special needs will climb into the recliner with all of the remotes and a blanket. She has no idea how to use the remotes, but she knows that they control the tv.

  4. The other day I was at an ice cream place with my kids. I went to sit down at an outdoor table and my son kept on walking and tossed off, over his shoulder, "I'll just go over here to my private table." Maybe you had to be there but I died laughing.

    I love that Max can hail a cab! That's awesome.

  5. I love this! Plus, I love New York, and plan on visiting again asap. Very cute story.

  6. Much like Sabrina and the telemarketer, I like to hand the bill collectors to my kiddo with Down Syndrome and hearing impairment. He likes to ask, "You Power Ranger? I Power Ranger" and so on. So awesome.

  7. Faith likes to sit in her car seat or wheelchair and cross one leg over the other on her knee. Like a lady sitting! It is so funny to see a little girl do it, that I get comments from perfect strangers, every time we are out. She just puts her little leg up there and her little hands in her lap. We had 3 different people comment about how funny it was last week, in one day!


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