Thursday, December 11, 2008

Any singers in the house?

This Friday, I'm bringing in cupcakes to Max's school to celebrate his birthday. I've also volunteered to lead a holiday sing-a-long, and will no doubt be impressing kids and teachers alike with my vocal range as I belt out "Jingle Bells" and "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer." Seriously, I like to sing, I was in choir in grade school and college. So it's fun when I get to do it with kids. My fantasy career: being a singer, of the Norah Jones crooner variety.

Dave took me to see her in concert for my birthday last year, she sounds absolutely amazing live.

I've also fantasized about being Laurie Berkner, who does really boppy, creative songs for kids.

I've never once fantasized about being Willie Nelson, FYI.

What's your fantasy career?


  1. My fantasy has alway been to be a photographer for National Geograpic and travel to exotic places. But being Laurie Berkner would be the vote if my kids had their way. Besides, she sings the bumble bee song with my two boys' names! "they said their names were Jackson and Max and they said BUZZ BUZZ, BUZZ BUZZ B-BUZZ BUZZ!"

  2. A food critic, either for a magazine or maybe a judge on some contest on the Food Network. What could be better than getting paid to eat and drink?

  3. In my fantasy career, I keep going on Deal or No Deal and making a deal at $500k over and over and over again. Only there aren't any female models. Only male ones and I won't even say what they're wearing.


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