Friday, November 14, 2008

Ever feel like you're faking it?

No, this is not another sex post (although the last one seemed to get a good response, he, he).

I was at a work event the other day, chatting with a woman I'd just met. She had two kids, one 5 (Max's age) and the other 8 months. "How old are yours?" she asked. I told her. She asked if Max was in kindergarten. That's not what his class at his special-needs school is called, but I just said yes. And then I hoped she wouldn't start talking about five-year-old stuff. I mean, I can compare notes on some things kids this age are usually into (Max's love of the movie Cars, for example) but there's only so long I can carry on a conversation before I have nothing in return to say about Max because he's just not doing the stuff the other kid is.

These are the times when I feel like I'm faking being a "typical" parent who's dealing with "typical" kid things. Anyone else know what I mean?


  1. Yeppers!

    Jonathan is pretty mainstream, but we have our little issues. And whenever he goes to a friends house for a playdate, being the insane parent I am, I leave a detailed emergency contact sheet. Just in case the kid falls and hits his head, or something where they might do neuro checks. The parents are generally flabbergasted, and I always get the "gee, I didn't know kids had strokes". And then the follow up of "is he okay?"...gee, he is standing right in front of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There are many times I just do not want to get into the whole saga. I usually can answer noncommittally, but when they ask where my kid goes to school and they've never heard of it, the jig is up. That's what I get for living in NYC where the only things people are interested in are food, real estate, and schooling!

  3. Just the other day, a woman smiled at my two boys (aged 4 and 19 months) in the double stroller and said 'Oh twins! How lovely.'

    My response? 'Thank-you'.

    Sometimes it's just much easier that way ;-).

  4. Oh, I get the "Are they twins?" question ALL the time! Again, Max is almost six, Sabrina will be four in January. I usually just say "Nope!" and smile.

  5. I too have gotten the twins thing.
    Oddly my son and "daughter" share no blood. I even had a women ask me if she was mine(at the park). I said yes(possesion is 9/10ths of the law). Her response was "she looks just like you". I smiled and moved on.

    I don't feel "I'm faking it". Some days I don't care to deal with ignorance.

  6. I ALWAYS feel like I'm faking. Probably more often than I should. People often ask if he's sleepy because he has low tone and looks very relaxed all the time. I usually just agree and try to keep moving.


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